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03 Dec 2005, 02:04pm by Al Bogdan

Congressman Says BCS "Deeply Flawed"

Texas Congressman Joe Barton is calling for a Congressional hearing to address the "deeply flawed" Bowl Championship Series system. I'm glad our representatives are spending their time investigating the important issues that are facing our country. Next month, look for a Georgia Congressman to call for a hearing to investigate why the Falcons are so low in the FoxSports.com power rankings.

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20 Nov 2005, 11:08pm by Al Bogdan

Lions File Grievance Against Rogers

The Lions are going after the bonus money they gave Michael David Smith's favorite receiver, Charles Rogers. Detroit is trying to get Rogers to give back the entire $10.184 million signing bonus the Lions gave him in 2003 because of his four game suspension for substance abuse. As ProFootballTalk.com points out, NFL player contracts these days have a clause included that allows teams to recover signing bonuses if a player has a "default," which can occur if a player is suspended.

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11 Nov 2005, 09:39pm by Al Bogdan

NFL, L.A. Coliseum Reach Preliminary Deal

The NFL has reached an agreement with Los Angeles to bring professional football back to the L.A. Coliseum. That agreement, however, doesn't specify when exactly this team will be playing in L.A. or which team that will be. It's doubtful the NFL will go to 33 teams and screw up the eight, four-team division format the league currently has. So, who's going to move to L.A.? The Saints are the obvious choice, but I'd put my money on the Jaguars.

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20 Oct 2005, 01:34pm by Al Bogdan

Bootsy Collins - "Bigg Cats" and "Fear Da Tigers"

In the same tradition of such classics as "Super Bowl Shuffle," and other terrible songs featuring athletes, the great Bootsy Collins has gotten together with some Cincinnati Bengals to record two songs in honor of the team's success this year.

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18 Oct 2005, 12:45pm by Al Bogdan

Map of NFL Team Fan Areas

"The CommonCensus Map Project is redrawing the map of the United States based on your voting, to show how the country is organized culturally, as opposed to traditional political boundaries." As part of this, they are also attempting to map the popularity of pro sports teams. So far, their NFL results show that the Cowboys and Broncos have the largest fan base. There are some obvious weaknesses that appear to be the result of fans for specific teams not voting yet -- where are the Raiders? -- but it looks like it could be an interesting project if enough people contribute.

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11 Oct 2005, 11:58pm by Al Bogdan

Officials Investigate Alleged Sex Party on Boats

Things just keep getting better for the Vikings. Minnesota authorities are investigating allegations that at least 20 members of the Vikings went out on some charter cruises last week where the primary recreational activity wasn't whale watching. At least one of the boats were allegedly rented by cornerback Fred Smoot.

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10 Oct 2005, 01:28pm by Al Bogdan

MMQB: Still Leader of the Pack

Who would have guessed that Peter King would write about Brett Favre after the Packers' lopsided win yesterday? Strange awards from MMQB this week. King's offensive player of the week had 11 yards on eight carries. After asking if Adam Vinatieri is from this planet, he gives the special teams player of the week award to the kicker from the losing team. The rest of the awards go to players or coaches in the Packers/Saints game.

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07 Oct 2005, 02:24pm by Al Bogdan

Patriots Could Face Atlanta Without Seymour

Since I'm not the coach of the Patriots, I'm not allowed to talk about their team. So I'll just link to this news that New England's defense could be lighter by yet another starter on Sunday without further comment.

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27 Sep 2005, 01:20pm by Al Bogdan

Testaverde Set to Return to Jets

Vinny from Long Island is returning to Jersey. Brooks Bollinger is still expected to start this week, but Testaverde will likely be on the field before too long. Testaverde was easily the best of the available quarterbacks. As we note in Pro Football Prospectus 2005, Vinny was pretty good in Dallas last year, except for his terrible performance during the fourth quarter of games. It will be interesting to see if that same pattern holds up this year with a different team.

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20 Sep 2005, 12:34pm by Al Bogdan

Patriots Coach Explains Questionable Call

I know I wasn't the only one surprised that Bill Belichick didn't challenge Stephen Davis' first touchdown on Sunday when it appeared that he had fumbled before reaching the goal line. According to Belichick, he didn't challenge the call because of what he feels is the misguided NFL policy to not have cameras at either side of the goal line. Without such cameras, it appears that Belichick thinks it's a waste of time to make most goal line challenges. Why doesn't the NFL have goal line cameras? It makes too much sense not to do.

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