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17 May 2016, 02:09pm by Andrew Healy

Four Downs: AFC West

Our offseason Four Downs series continues with a division-by-division look at each team's biggest remaining holes and their most notable UDFA signings. Are the Broncos really counting on Paxton Lynch to defend their Super Bowl championship?

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14 Apr 2016, 02:27pm by Andrew Healy

QBASE 2016

The Los Angeles Rams now have a tough choice to make at the top of the 2016 draft, but our QB projection system has a clear favorite: Jared Goff.

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04 Apr 2016, 02:23pm by Andrew Healy

QBASE 2016 (ESPN Insider Version)

This year's Football Outsiders QB projections absolutely love California's Jared Goff, who now ranks among the top 10 QB prospects of the past two decades according to QBASE. It is a lot less excited about Carson Wentz, but that comes with a bit of a caveat: we had to try to incorporate FCS prospects into the system in order to project Wentz, and the same method would have underrated FCS prospect Joe Flacco. We'll write more about the Wentz and FCS issue in an expanded FO version of QBASE to run next week.

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21 Mar 2016, 12:15pm by Andrew Healy

ESPN: Who Won Trades Based on Cap Space?

The analysis of trades based on the value of draft picks and cap space appears on ESPN Insider this year. This article looks at four big recent NFL trades. Given the amount of cap space they gave up, the Maxwell/Alonso trade will only work for the Eagles if Byron Maxwell can become a Pro Bowl cornerback. Also, the Chandler Jones trade works out well for both sides, but even better for Arizona if they allow Jones to leave after one season and get a (likely very high) compensatory pick.

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16 Mar 2016, 04:46pm by Andrew Healy

2016 Free Agency Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Jaguars and Giants took huge gambles in signing Malik Jackson and Olivier Vernon to big-money contracts -- and gambles don't always pay off.

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06 Mar 2016, 08:55pm by Andrew Healy

ESPN: Biggest Weaknesses for NFL's Reigning Contenders

Here's a look at the biggest holes that last year's final eight teams need to address to make it back to the postseason in 2016. A number of these teams have the same clear issue: offensive line play.

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14 Jan 2016, 02:30pm by Andrew Healy

ESPN: How Kansas City Can Knock Off Patriots

Get a bit of a preview of tomorrow's Football Outsiders playoff previews, as Andrew Healy looks at some of the matchups that could favor Kansas City against New England despite the loss of Jeremy Maclin.

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07 Jan 2016, 05:16pm by Andrew Healy

ESPN: How Bengals Can Beat Steelers

Get a bit of a preview of one of our four Friday wild-card previews with this Thursday article at ESPN Insider. How can the Bengals beat the Steelers without Andy Dalton at quarterback? Good thing the strength of their passing game matches a big Pittsburgh weakness.

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22 Dec 2015, 01:25pm by Andrew Healy

Any Given Sunday: Redskins Over Bills

Thanks in large part to the poor performance of their star pass rusher, the Bills' defense has been one of the most disappointing units of 2015.

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15 Dec 2015, 02:25pm by Andrew Healy

Any Given Sunday: Raiders Over Broncos

Oakland's defense smothered Denver's offense on Sunday. Can the Broncos' offense get its act together -- and if not, is the defense good enough to win a Super Bowl anyway?

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