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05 Sep 2007, 10:45am by Ben Riley

The Week in Quotes: September 5, 2007

A journeyman offensive lineman prepares to hang up his cleats, Browns general manager Phil Savage savages his predecessors, and Jon Gruden blindly defends Bruce Gradkowski from charges of point shaving in college. Plus: We look back at Jack Del Rio's public "commitment" to newly unemployed quarterback Byron Leftwich.

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31 Aug 2007, 07:43pm by Ben Riley

Seahawks DT Marcus Tubbs out for season

Ah, fickle fate. After missing most of 2006 with an injury to his left knee, and spending the offseason rehabbing from microfracture surgery, Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Marcus Tubbs tore his right anterior cruciate ligament yesterday. He will miss all of 2007. And you can safely add another 200 rushing yards to your fantasy projections for Frank Gore and Steven Jackson.

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31 Aug 2007, 06:52pm by Ben Riley

Strahan to Suit Up

Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting that Michael Strahan will rejoin the New York Giants. (The NFL's official website doesn't seem to have anything up yet, so the link will take you to profootballtalk.com's second-hand report of Schefter's scoop.) Isn't the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend supposed to be a slow time for news?

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30 Aug 2007, 07:24pm by Ben Riley

Matt Hasselbeck Loves His TiVo

Here's an interesting story exploring Matt Hasselbeck's method of studying NFL games using his TiVo to pick up on details that are missed in the NFL's official game film. Hasselbeck also explains how he tricked former Seahawks cornerback Ken Lucas during the 2005 NFC Championship game. Good stuff.

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30 Aug 2007, 11:18am by Ben Riley

The Week in Quotes: August 30, 2007

Clinton Portis talks about the stripper pole in his basement, Asante Samuel finds a certain inner happiness, and Priest Holmes changes his name to Zenmonk Holmes. Plus: we break down footage from David Boston's DUI arrest.

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23 Aug 2007, 03:24pm by Ben Riley

The Week in Quotes: August 23, 2007

This week, the wheels start to come off for Michael Clayton, the wheels are already off for Herm Edwards, and the wheels on the Bus are preparing to go round and round the talk circuit. Plus: Wade Phillips' daughter Tracy reveals the truth about life at home with her disciplinarian dad ... and whether Doug Flutie hit on her.

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23 Aug 2007, 02:13pm by Ben Riley

O Romeo -- Deny thy Quarterback and Refuse thy Name

Romeo Crennel's shenanigans regarding his choice for the Browns' starting quarterback are more than just distracting -- they make him look the fool. (Click link to read more.)

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17 Aug 2007, 04:36pm by Ben Riley

Where in the World was Priest Holmes?

If Priest Holmes wants to help make up for the absence of Larry Johnson in the Kansas City backfield, why didn't he ever get on the field during last night's Miami-Kansas City preseason game? (Click link to read more.)

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16 Aug 2007, 12:11pm by Ben Riley

The Week in Quotes: August 16, 2007

Priest Holmes returns from the dead, the Steelers introduce "Steely McBeam," and Vernon Davis insults Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez. Plus: Jerry Jones is worth 10,000,000 three-topping thin crust pizzas from Papa John's -- does he really need their endorsement money?

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16 Aug 2007, 12:08pm by Ben Riley

West Coast Offense: A Contrarian View

A good football strategy blog , Smart Football, recently asked two interesting questions: what is the "West Coast Offense," and what did Bill Walsh mean by "passing to set up the run?" (Click link to read more.)

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