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16 Nov 2010, 02:07pm by Bill Barnwell

Quick Reads: Week 10

Tom Brady makes it to the top spot ahead of Michael Vick in this week's Quick Reads. How? And was it Brady's best game ever?

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16 Nov 2010, 01:39pm by Bill Barnwell

The Worst 100 Players In NFL History

Jeff Pearlman is doing a feature at Deadspin today, covering the worst 100 players in NFL history.

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15 Nov 2010, 04:26pm by Bill Barnwell

Donovan McNabb Gets $40 Million Guaranteed

Michael Smith of ESPN reports on Twitter that the Redskins have signed Donovan McNabb to a five-year contract extension worth $78 million, including $40 million in guaranteed money.

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15 Nov 2010, 03:00pm by Bill Barnwell

Your Dolphins Injury Thread

Lots of Dolphins injuries.

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15 Nov 2010, 10:07am by Bill Barnwell

Audibles at the Line: Week 10

This week: How are Matt Millen and Joe Theismann so bad? Should the Browns have kneeled to tie? And why are Sunday night games so boring?

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12 Nov 2010, 02:05pm by Bill Barnwell

Aaron Kampman Tears ACL Again

Aaron Kampman tore his right ACL in practice yesterday, just about one year after he tore his left ACL.

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11 Nov 2010, 09:49pm by Bill Barnwell

Which QB's Are Holding the Ball For Too Long?

Our friend J.J. Cooper at Fanhouse has some interesting data from his project analyzing how long quarterbacks have before they get sacked.

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11 Nov 2010, 04:37pm by Bill Barnwell

The Rivers Index

Neil Paine at pro-football-reference.com put together a methodology for analyzing a quarterback's actual win total versus an expected win total from his performance. It's named after, well, a quarterback who probably deserves better right about now.

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11 Nov 2010, 03:01pm by Bill Barnwell

The Auto-Manage Function

Friend of FO Robbie Hudson wonders why there isn't an auto-manage function for fantasy teams that have been abandoned by their owners.

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11 Nov 2010, 01:13pm by Bill Barnwell

REMINDER: Answering Service For Thursday Games

A quick reminder for those of you who use the fantasy football answering service: With the arrival of Thursday night games, those of you with leagues whose lineups set at the time of the first game (or who have questions about the Thursday night games) will want to get questions to me by midnight Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

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