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20 Aug 2007, 01:01pm by Bill Barnwell

Broncos Trade Warren to Raiders

Well, after all that, the Broncos decided to trade Gerard Warren within the division. He'll head to Oakland for an undisclosed draft pick. You may commence your raiderjoe impersonations now.

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18 Aug 2007, 12:30pm by Bill Barnwell

Gallo's News and Notes

D.J. Gallo might be one of the best things about football season. He runs from training camp to training camp and reports back on what he's seen.

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16 Aug 2007, 02:06pm by Bill Barnwell

Steelers Hotel Requirements

By request -- have at it, people. The Smoking Gun has obtained the 17-page document listing the Steelers' hotel requirements for the upcoming season.

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15 Aug 2007, 08:54pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: Fantasy Mailbag 07

Like Charles Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic, Bill Barnwell becomes the first pilot to fly solo on Scramble For The Ball! This week, Bill deals with unusual scoring systems, MJD vs. Cedric Benson, and how best to draft in a league where everyone else is dumber than you. Plus: Jason Beattie's first cartoon of the new season.

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15 Aug 2007, 08:01pm by Bill Barnwell

You Wouldn't Make It In Aussie Rules

This is a fun piece in the Philadelphia Daily News looking at Sav Rocca and his reaction to getting leveled by Antwan Barnes of the Ravens in their preseason game.

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15 Aug 2007, 07:57pm by Bill Barnwell

DirecTV Tries New Offense For NFL Games

DirecTV will be offering up to eleven games per week online for subscribers who are subscribers to both the NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Superfan packages (total: $378).

Is this actually worth the extra $100 that the Superfan package costs?

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14 Aug 2007, 11:11pm by Bill Barnwell

How To Register For The Discussion Board

I've received several e-mails about this and just wanted to clarify.

When you sign up for an account on the board and then click the authorization link in the e-mail you are sent, the process is NOT finished. We have a second level of protection because of the number of spam bots who have signed up for the board.

You MUST send an e-mail to me at bbarnwell@footballoutsiders.com with your username in order for me to activate the account so that you can log in and post.

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10 Aug 2007, 02:19pm by Bill Barnwell

Irons Out For Season

Bengals RB Kenny Irons will miss all of his rookie season after tearing his ACL last night against the Lions.

With Chris Perry out until October at the earliest, that leaves the Bengals with a major hole at running back behind Rudi Johnson.

Could we see a return of Corey Dillon to his old stomping grounds?

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10 Aug 2007, 11:33am by Bill Barnwell

NFL Replay Going HD

It seemed like once a week for the past couple of seasons, someone's asked whether the replay booths at NFL games had an HD screen.

Well, now they are, except for Dallas, Indianapolis, and New York/New Jersey. Of course, I don't know how they'll have HD feeds when there's only six or eight games in HD each week, but hey - the question's still been answered.

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07 Aug 2007, 03:01pm by Bill Barnwell

TMQ: The Return

TMQ returns to the steady gig with his first regular column of the season, covering the NFLPA.

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