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16 Apr 2007, 11:07pm by Bill Barnwell

Draft Needs: AFC East

If you enjoyed the AFC East Four Downs thread, you might also enjoy this AFC East Draft Needs piece. RIYL pictures of Alan Branch whilst vogueing, jakked-up formatting, and Husker Du.

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15 Apr 2007, 09:20pm by Bill Barnwell

Will Shields Retires

Will Shields has left the game of football after fourteen seasons with Kansas City. While Tiki Barber's retirement received a lot of fanfare, is the retirement of arguably the best interior lineman of his generation a bigger story? Discuss.

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09 Apr 2007, 09:28am by Bill Barnwell

Four Downs: AFC East

Bill Barnwell reviews the free agency goings on in the AFC East. In a nutshell, the Bills have gotten worse, the Patriots have gotten better, and the Dolphins and Jets merit Incompletes. Plus, see why the Patriots won't draft Paul Posluszny, and who might take a local college star, in the tradition of the early days of the draft.

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08 Apr 2007, 02:16am by Bill Barnwell

Madden '92 Ambulance Montage

It's a slow week, people. Those of you who played Madden in the early days will enjoy this wonderful look at the ambulance and its disregard for otherwise-healthy players. Hat tip to Fort90.

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06 Apr 2007, 08:53pm by Bill Barnwell

Grant Wistrom Retires

Grant Wistrom's decided to step away from the game at the tender age of 30. In the link, MDS chalks this up to Wistrom wanting to get out while his body's still in one piece. Me? I think he wants to defend that NFL Network Dance Trophy around the circuit.

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04 Apr 2007, 08:14am by Bill Barnwell

Eddie Robinson Passes Away

Legendary Grambling football coach Eddie Robinson passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 88.

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28 Mar 2007, 08:24pm by Bill Barnwell

Bly Signs Contract with Broncos

Well, any of the talk of Dre Bly going can stop. He's signed a five-year, $33 million deal with the Broncos which is pretty nifty considering (at least in initial value) his deal doesn't remotely approach Nate Clements.

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25 Mar 2007, 04:11pm by Bill Barnwell

Monday Night Jaws

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Joe Theismann is out on Monday Night Football, replaced by... yes, official friend-of-FO Ron Jaworski. Maybe Monday did, actually, just become something worth waiting for. (UPDATE MONDAY: Yep, it's official.)

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18 Mar 2007, 09:02am by Bill Barnwell

Standout Linebacker June Heading to Buccaneers

I linked to the ESPN version of this story just so I could use the headline.

Cato June's on his way to Tampa.

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16 Mar 2007, 11:50am by Bill Barnwell

Opposition Matters

Conventional wisdom says that the great quarterbacks raise their games against elite opponents. In reality, the great quarterbacks raise their games against bad opponents. Bill Barnwell goes into the FO database to look at how the other team affects a quarterback's numbers. Bonus: For the first time in FO history, this one goes to 11.

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