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11 Mar 2007, 03:05pm by Bill Barnwell

Kwame Harris Highlight Video

A highlight video of Kwame Harris' 2006 season. The best part is when the first "Holding..." kicks in. Glorious.

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08 Mar 2007, 04:31pm by Bill Barnwell

Schools of Thought

Sometimes a team will grow a fascination with drafting players from the same college. Is there an advantage to such a strategy? Bill Barnwell takes us through some of the teams who adopted this strategy with varying degrees of success. (Click link to read.)

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08 Mar 2007, 02:50pm by Bill Barnwell

McGahee Traded to Ravens for Three Picks

The Bills have traded Willis McGahee to the Ravens for the Ravens third- and seventh-round picks in 2006 and their third-round pick in 2007. That represents a draft value of somewhere around a very late second-rounder, depending upon where the pick is next year. The Bills apparently dealt McGahee in fear of not being able to sign him next year. At this point, do you think the NFL has noticed that the Bills are pouting?

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08 Mar 2007, 11:08am by Bill Barnwell

Browns Sign Jamal Lewis

In 2004, the 32nd-ranked offensive line in the league, Miami, drafted Ronnie Brown. They also added Hudson Houck. The 31st-ranked team, the 49ers, picked up Frank Gore. Miami's rush offense went up to 14th in the league; San Francisco stayed at 30.

After the 2005 season, the 32nd-ranked offensive line in the league, Arizona, signed Edgerrin James in free agency. The 31st-ranked team, the Vikings, added Chester Taylor. They ended up with the 29th and 23rd best rushing attacks in the league in 2006, respectively.

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06 Mar 2007, 10:19am by Bill Barnwell

Patrick Kerney to Seahawks

Patrick Kerney's signed a six-year, $39.5 million dollar deal with the Seahawks. $19.5 million is guaranteed.

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01 Mar 2007, 04:00pm by Bill Barnwell

Bly Traded To Broncos for Bell, Foster

Michael Smith is reporting that the Lions have traded Dre' Bly to the Broncos in exchange for Tatum Bell and George Foster. This would seemingly indicate that the Lions are really concerned about Kevin Jones' injury. If Foster and Jeff Backus are the tackles, does that also mean they won't be drafting Joe Thomas?

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25 Feb 2007, 05:46pm by Bill Barnwell

KC DE Allen Requests Move

Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen is requesting a trade after the team failed to offer the 24-year-old defensive end a long-term contract. Allen, a restricted free agent, will be tendered a contract for this upcoming season but will be an unrestricted free agent next year. For some reason, Allen talks about wanting to end his career in Kansas City; this is already on his mind at 24. The piece also notes that Allen led the league in 2006 with six fumble recoveries.

Oh, and first person to make Allen-to-the-Bengals jokes loses the thread.

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22 Feb 2007, 03:36am by Bill Barnwell

Billick Gets Four-Year Extension

WBAL in Baltimore reports that Brian Billick's received a four year extension, a story confirmed by the Ravens on their website. Terms were not disclosed.

"I'm old school that way," Billick said at the time. "I don't think details of my contract, or anyone's contract for that matter, should be public. My contract is my business and Steve's [Bisciotti, Ravens owner]. I understand the public nature of the business, but not everything needs to be public."

I fully agree. You don't even want to know how much I got paid for putting up this Extra Point.

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20 Feb 2007, 02:05pm by Bill Barnwell

Weis Case Ends in Mistrial After Juror Collapse

The Charlie Weis gastric bypass surgery malpractice case has ended in a mistrial after a juror started moaning and then collapsed during testimony, with the two defendant doctors coming to his aid.

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19 Feb 2007, 01:21pm by Bill Barnwell

Norv Turner To Coach Chargers

The Most Terrifying Man in Football, FOX's Jay Glazer, is reporting that Norv Turner is going to be the next head coach of the San Diego Chargers. Ted Cottrell is being lined up to coordinate the defense.

I don't know if there is a Norv Turner penalty built into the Estimated Team Wins projections, but there probably should be.

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