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16 Feb 2007, 03:35pm by Bill Barnwell

Bengals Franchise Justin Smith

The Bengals have placed the franchise tag on defensive end Justin Smith, guaranteeing him a salary of $8,644,000 for the 2007 season. Smith, 27, has never had fewer than 5 or more than 8.5 sacks in his six year-career. Playing RDE for the Bengals, teams were eighth at running to left end and seventeenth at running to left tackle opposite him.

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15 Feb 2007, 05:24pm by Bill Barnwell

Cowher Joins CBS as Studio Analyst

Bill Cowher will make CBS a five-person pregame show next season as he'll join CBS' "The NFL Today". Any guesses as to how he'll perform?

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14 Feb 2007, 07:50pm by Bill Barnwell

Getting Tough (2004)

Since it's a quiet week here at FO, I decided to link to one of my favorite pieces from the past few years.

John Clayton's an excellent football writer, one of the best in the business. He also has a very nifty faux-library backdrop whenever he appears on ESPN that I'm jealous of.

That being said, this piece about Mike Martz is one of the funniest articles I've ever seen on ESPN that wasn't written by D.J. Gallo. Enjoy.

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14 Feb 2007, 03:55pm by Bill Barnwell

Four Downs: AFC East

Put on a pot of coffee; this edition of Four Downs is chock full of info. Bill Barnwell looks at overused running backs, second-half receivers, the Colts' #2 receiver, Dallas Clark, and the worst run defenses in the history of DVOA. See if you can guess what they all relate to before reading the article.

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11 Feb 2007, 12:36am by Bill Barnwell

Brees Dislocates Non-Throwing Elbow

Drew Brees apparently dislocated his left elbow during the Pro Bowl on Saturday. Brees sure does like getting hurt at the end of the season in relatively meaningless affairs.

And since there was no discussion thread for the Pro Bowl, feel free to put your comments and discussion about the game in here.

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08 Feb 2007, 06:19am by Bill Barnwell

Phillips To Be Next Dallas Head Coach

The man with the extravagant scarf, Chris Mortensen, is reporting that Dallas will name Wade Phillips their next head coach.

How many Phillips are there who would be a better idea to hire as your head coach than Wade? I will start by humbly submitting Stone for consideration. Remember, gravitas.

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07 Feb 2007, 08:50pm by Bill Barnwell

Prince's Halftime Imagery Questioned

Oh come on.

NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello: " "We respect other opinions, but it takes quite a leap of the imagination to make a controversy of his performance...It's a guitar."

Would Greg Aiello lie to you? It was a guitar! Prince's penis is not three feet long and curled into the shape of his symbol. End of discussion.

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07 Feb 2007, 12:22am by Bill Barnwell

ESPN Ombudsman: SB Coverage "Smart, Creative"

I think you misspelled redundant and repetitive, Mr. Solomon.

"...ESPN's coverage of the race issue was generally all-encompassing, smart and creative."

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03 Feb 2007, 01:19am by Bill Barnwell

Vick: Now, With Audibles

New Falcons coach Bobby Petrino is going to allow Michael Vick to -- gasp -- call audibles at the line (hey!) if plays look doomed next season. No word on whether he will stop Vick from employing the offense solely to earn Madden Challenge Points.

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01 Feb 2007, 01:11am by Bill Barnwell

Biletnikoff Retires from Raiders

Suspect there's a little bit more to this one than meets the eye. Well, the AP story's eye, at least.

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