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07 Jan 2007, 01:50am by Bill Barnwell

British Star Critical After Shooting

In another piece of sad news, 21-year-old defensive tackle Lorn Mayers is in critical condition after being shot during a New Year's Eve party in London. Mayers was in Raiders camp at the age of 20 and plays for Berlin in NFL Europe.

Furthermore, USC kicker Mario Danelo was found dead on Saturday at the bottom of a cliff in San Pedro.

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04 Jan 2007, 02:16pm by Bill Barnwell

Why Doesn't Bill Polian's S--t Work in the Playoffs?

In which football ends up like baseball, Adam Vinatieri isn't as important as you think, and defense really does win more championships than offense.

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02 Jan 2007, 01:53am by Bill Barnwell

Domanick Davis now Domanick Williams

"I'm a new man," he said. "That was Domanick Davis that y'all knew about. This is Domanick Williams that y'all looking at."

Has any NFL player ever improved his performance after changing his name? I am thinking of the words "landscape" and "littered" right about now.

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23 Dec 2006, 06:14pm by Bill Barnwell

Tampa Bay and Simms Close to Extension

Chris Mortensen is reporting that Tampa Bay and Chris Simms are close to agreeing on a two-year extension for the quarterback. The timing is nice for Simms, who will be able to get wife Danielle something for Christmas besides his ---- in a box.

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22 Dec 2006, 10:39pm by Bill Barnwell

Antonio Bryant Suspended Four Games

The most jacked man in football, FOX's Jay Glazer, is reporting that Antonio Bryant has been suspended four games by the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy. He will miss the last two games of this regular season, any playoff games the 49ers might play this year (and doesn't that feel weird to say), or the first two games next year if they don't advance. Adjust your fantasy team accordingly.

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15 Dec 2006, 12:05am by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: The David Carr Conundrum

This week: is David Carr a failure? Will he be? Why does the Houston media believe he is? Sadly, no Ken Walter content.

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12 Dec 2006, 11:55pm by Bill Barnwell

Patriots Release Doug Gabriel

Well, that didn't last long. Doug Gabriel's been cut by the Patriots, who will seemingly actually be employing a combination of Troy Brown, Reche Caldwell, and Jabar Gaffney as their wide receiver options. The Patriots also cut James Patrick, which makes sense, since he's 43 and can't skate.

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06 Dec 2006, 01:10pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: Ch-Ch-Chambers

This column is an updated version of what I wrote about Chris Chambers in the pre-draft AFC East Four Downs. Hint: He's not that good.

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02 Dec 2006, 11:32pm by Bill Barnwell

Giants Sign Sean Landeta

Sean-freaking-Landeta has been allowed a weekend pass from the retirement home to punt for the Giants this weekend in the case that Jeff Feagles is unavailable. Of course, Jeff Feagles is only four years younger than Landeta himself. Not only is Landeta one of my favorite NFL players of all time (even when he made the move to Philadelphia), but he's the NFL's last link to the original Tecmo Bowl.

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30 Nov 2006, 02:01pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: WR-A-Go-Go

This week's post goes BACK IN TIME to 2002. Looking back in the eighteen years of previous player history, was there anything to tell Matt Millen whether Charles Rogers, Roy Williams, and Mike Williams would even be good wide receivers?

Please also note that those three wideouts don't appear in the numbers because they haven't played the necessary number of seasons (5) to qualify for the study's results.

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