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24 Nov 2006, 07:24pm by Bill Barnwell

Brown Out Indefinitely

Ronnie Brown will be missing for an indeterminate period of time after having surgery on his left hand.

For those of you who read the headline and had your heart stop for a moment as you pondered the deleterious effects of Ralph Brown's injury on your IDP league, I apologize.

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18 Nov 2006, 04:01pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: Expatriots

This week: how are all the Ex-Patriots doing? You'll note that this article is missing Willie McGinest, which was a simple editing accident. My comments are below:

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09 Nov 2006, 02:05pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: Watching Trees Decompose

This week, do Patriots defensive backs get injured more often than the norm? And, if you have some spare change this week and have enjoyed these columns throughout the season (and already have purchased the requisite six copies of Pro Football Prospectus 2006), please consider donating to the Boston Sports Media Watch fall fund drive; not only is BSMW one of the best sites on the Internet, but without it, you very well might not be reading Football Outsiders.

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07 Nov 2006, 10:02pm by Bill Barnwell

The Hidden Effects of Pass Interference Penalties

Two players are underrated due to their ability to draw pass interference penalties. (Click link to find out who.)

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05 Nov 2006, 01:06am by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: Me and the Backup QB

Me and Matt Cassel could become close friends cause we both never see the field and he wants to talk to me.
Jim Sorgi probably doesn't remember Roxy Music in '72, but this week's Boston Sports Media Watch feature takes a look at how rare it is for a backup QB like Cassel or Sorgi (Casorgi? Sorgisel? Thank god they're not getting married) to have to take the reins of their team over.

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31 Oct 2006, 09:31pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: Pass-Catching Backs, Part II

This is the second half of the article on Pass-Catching backs from last week, looking at "playmaker" backs who lead their teams in carries and receptions.

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28 Oct 2006, 02:31am by Bill Barnwell

Browns Struggle with Staph Infection

LeCharles Bentley is the latest Brown to suffer a staph infection after working out at the team's practice facility, a problem they haven't corrected since 2003. Geez, even Dana White's better at cleaning up than that.

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27 Oct 2006, 12:40pm by Bill Barnwell

Huard Injured in Practice, Uncertain for Game

Elizabeth Merrill of the Kansas City Star is reporting that Damon Huard suffered an "undisclosed" injury at the end of practice on Thursday and may miss this weekend's game versus Seattle. If you had Brodie Croyle and Seneca Wallace on your Loser League team, well, Sunday might be the finest day of your entire life.

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26 Oct 2006, 01:59pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: Pass-Catching Backs

There's nothing wrong with having a bit of a man-crush on Larry Centers, right? This week's Football Outsiders feature on the Boston Sports Media Watch looks at Centers, Chester Taylor, and other running backs who lead their team in receptions.

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13 Oct 2006, 11:12am by Bill Barnwell

Bills Release Troy Vincent

The politics of football...
The politics of injured reseeeeeeerve...

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