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05 Feb 2011, 08:30pm by Bill Barnwell

Dent, Faulk, Sharpe, Others Make Hall

Your Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees are...

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05 Feb 2011, 08:08pm by Bill Barnwell

A Close Super Bowl? Don't Bet On It

Our friend Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight takes a look at the likelihood of the Super Bowl actually being close by examining the predicative value of the point spread.

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04 Feb 2011, 04:01pm by Bill Barnwell

Maurkice Pouncey Out For SB XLV

Maurkice Pouncey did not practice today. Mike Tomlin has, according to Adam Schefter, ruled his starting center out for Super Bowl XLV.

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03 Feb 2011, 02:10pm by Bill Barnwell

Super Bowl XLV Preview

Our Super Bowl preview takes a look at plays from the past, examines the impact of injuries on both teams, and points to a huge mismatch to reveal the winner.

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02 Feb 2011, 05:30pm by Bill Barnwell

Eagles Promote Juan Castillo to Defensive Coordinator, Hire Howard Mudd

The Eagles have surprisingly promoted offensive line coach Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator. Castillo hasn't coached on the defensive side of the ball since 1989, when he was the defensive coordinator at Kingsville High School in Texas.

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01 Feb 2011, 09:35pm by Bill Barnwell

Brady Wins Offensive Player of the Year

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been announced as the AP's Offensive Player of the Year. Hopefully, this news will not require a correction.

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01 Feb 2011, 04:04pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: The Hidden Factors of Super Bowls

This ESPN Insider feature looks at the winning factors that were underestimated in the past four Super Bowls.

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31 Jan 2011, 08:28pm by Bill Barnwell

Troy Polamalu Wins Defensive Player of Year Award

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has been named the AP's Defensive Player of the Year, according to Newsday's Bob Glauber.

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27 Jan 2011, 08:03pm by Bill Barnwell

"Dangers of the Game" Health Report Revealed

Esquire has the exclusive scoop on the healthcare report that the NFLPA will be using as talking points in its fight with the NFL. You may also notice that some of the injury data used in the report comes from the Football Outsiders injury database.

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27 Jan 2011, 07:06pm by Bill Barnwell

Titans To Part Ways With Jeff Fisher

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated is reporting that the Titans are apparently parting ways with head coach Jeff Fisher. The move will be announced on Friday.

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