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28 Jan 2008, 01:49pm by Bill Moore

Patriots vs. Giants: Week 17 Revisited

Bill Moore looks ahead to the Super Bowl by looking back at the Week 17 matchup between the Giants and Patriots. How did the Giants build a big lead? How did the Patriots surge ahead? Which team can learn the most from the prior experience?

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09 Jan 2007, 01:06pm by Bill Moore

Game Review: Front Office Football

The NFL season will be over in four weeks, so how will you get your football fix? How about by running your own team? Bill Moore looks at the computer simulation game Front Office Football.

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12 Aug 2006, 11:23pm by Bill Moore

FO Ranks All 32 Teams on FOX: Defensive Backs

We continue our series reviewing each unit team-by-team. If you don't yet own a copy of Pro Football Prospectus 2006, and want a hint of some of the great data we collected with the game charting project, this is the article for you. If you've been wondering when the Seattle Seahawks would finally be ranked low in something, this is the article for you. If you are a Denver Broncos fan and you want to see us praise your team and say very mean things about your division rivals, this is really the article for you.

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02 Feb 2006, 05:30pm by Bill Moore

Second(ary) Look

Other than tackles, interceptions, and sacks, there are very few publicly available stats to measure the quality of individual defensive players. That's why this year, Football Outsiders began a project to chart games and get more data to improve our analysis of defense. Bill Moore takes a look at this unofficial data to draw some conclusions about the Pittsburgh and Seattle secondaries -- some of which may surprise you.

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30 Sep 2005, 04:16pm by Bill Moore

Nine-Tenths of the Law

Nuts to those who say we at Football Outsiders don't even watch the games. Bill Moore, the impromptu impresario of the Football Outsiders game charting project, takes a look at the play of Jets cornerback Ty Law through the first three games to see if he's everything he's cracked up to be -- or, at least, 90% of everything he was before his foot was cracked.

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