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15 Aug 2013, 04:30pm by Danny Tuccitto

FO 10th Anniversary: Best Running Backs

Marshall Faulk was really good. For another running back, though, Hall of Fame voters have lost themselves. They saw him; they know him; they knew him, but it seems they can't remember his name.

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12 Aug 2013, 11:39am by Danny Tuccitto

FO 10th Anniversary: Worst Quarterbacks

Last week, we recognized the Mount Rushmore of Quarterbacks since 1991. This week, it's time for the Four Horsemen of the Quarterbocalypse.

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07 Aug 2013, 10:36am by Danny Tuccitto

FO 10th Anniversary: Best Quarterbacks

Over the next month, we'll be celebrating FO's 10th anniversary by looking at the best and worst performances of the past 22 years according to DVOA and DYAR. Today, we start with quarterbacks.

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31 Jul 2013, 07:25pm by Danny Tuccitto

Unsolved Mysteries: Josh Freeman Edition

Using DVOA splits based on our charting data, we've solved the mystery of Josh Freeman's disappearance in Weeks 12-17. Turns out it he acquired an acute case of blitz-induced paranoia.

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30 Jul 2013, 03:27pm by Danny Tuccitto

2012 Pressure Plays, Offense

In the twilight of a dangerous career, Michael Vick earns what may be his final stint on top... but not in a particularly good way.

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24 Jul 2013, 06:58am by Danny Tuccitto

2012 Pressure Plays, Defense

When it comes to pressure, Roger Goodell just let the air out of one defense's balloon.

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06 Jul 2013, 11:30pm by Danny Tuccitto

How Did Marion Campbell Keep Getting Hired?

Over at Chase Stuart's site, valued FO reader Shattenjager has a guest post about the NFL coaching career of Marion Campbell. The five-act long read begins with Campbell's apprenticeship under George Allen and (especially) Norm Van Brocklin. It then navigates through his years at the helm of Atlanta and Philadelphia (and Atlanta again), culminating with an answer to the title's question.

If you're a fan of thoughtful forays into NFL history or often wonder -- as I do -- how some head coaches keep getting hired despite all qualifications to the contrary (or you just like supporting your FO brethren), click over and give it a read. God knows we all need a break from the latest iteration of "Police Investigating Aaron Hernandez for Possible Role in _________."

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31 May 2013, 04:15pm by Danny Tuccitto

RB Pro Days: When Pigs Fly (20 Yards)

Conventional wisdom says to ignore the 40-yard dash on a running back's pro day. Turns out we really just need to ignore half of it.

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23 May 2013, 01:33am by Danny Tuccitto

49ers Win Super Bowl Bid After Playing in One: How Bizarre

Three months after the 49ers played in Super Bowl XLVII, NFL owners awarded Super Bowl L to Santa Clara, site of the team's new stadium. In Super Bowl history, how many times has that happened?

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10 May 2013, 05:23am by Danny Tuccitto

Andy Reid Loves True Sophomore Running Backs

I'm in the midst of working on a running back projection model that will run in Football Outsiders Almanac 2013, and came across this incredible (at least to me) factual nugget: From 1999 to 2013, there have been 431 college running backs who either were invited to the NFL combine or were drafted despite no combine invitation. Of those 431, 266 amassed some amount of DYAR over the course of their NFL careers.

Of those 266 running backs, only three got drafted as true* sophomores, and their names are LeSean McCoy (2009), Dion Lewis (2011), and Bryce Brown (2012, though his situation was much more complicated). You don't have to be Mike Tanier to notice that the Andy Reid-era Philadelphia Eagles were responsible for all three picks.

Obviously, McCoy's track record speaks for itself and Brown was a dynamic replacement in limited action last season, so this isn't a critique. Rather, it's simply an observation worth relaying to our readership; I have no clue (as yet) what to make of it in relation to the larger picture of projecting college backs.


*Five other running backs since 1999 have been drafted as redshirt sophomores: Willis McGahee (2003), Knowshon Moreno (2009), Ryan Williams (2011), Ronnie Hillman (2012), and Lamar Miller (2012).

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