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03 Aug 2011, 12:40pm by Danny Tuccitto

Formation Analysis: Number of RBs Part I

In 2010, three run offenses separated themselves from the rest of the NFL. Our latest dive into last season's charting stats shows all three were particularly efficient running from one-back sets.

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29 Jul 2011, 11:13am by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN: Ten Biggest NFL Injuries To Watch

Here's our survey of the ten most important injuries to keep an eye on during training camp. A certain Lions quarterback tops the list.

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28 Jul 2011, 11:43am by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN: Ranking The Top NFL Organizations

It's quite a shakeup from last year's list as our 30th ranked team in last year's 25-and-under organizational rankings is now first. Who took the top spot away from Houston?

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18 Jul 2011, 03:16pm by Danny Tuccitto

Formation Analysis: Number of WRs Part II

"Defense wins championships" may be the most overused sports cliche of them all. After analyzing formation stats for 2010, we think changing it to "defense against four or more receivers wins championships" might both reduce usage and increase accuracy. It's a win-win for everyone.

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11 Jul 2011, 12:13pm by Danny Tuccitto

Formation Analysis: Number of WRs Part I

Generally, teams try to use offensive strategies that best fit their personnel. In 2010, one NFC west team didn't. Our review of formation tendencies related to the number of wide receivers on a given play provides the damning evidence.

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09 Jul 2011, 01:45am by Danny Tuccitto

OL Are Victims of Statistics in Hall of Fame Voting?

In an early appeal for Olin Kreutz's Hall of Fame consideration, Steven Schweikert at Windy City Gridiron makes the case that offensive linemen are getting the short end of the stick because they have no stats. (Click to read more.)

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07 Jul 2011, 02:38pm by Danny Tuccitto

Kerry Collins Retires

Former Panthers, Saints, Giants, Raiders, and Titans quarterback Kerry Collins announced his retirement from the NFL Thursday afternoon. In what was a roller coaster career both on and off the field, his legacy includes leading Carolina to the NFC Championship game in only its second year of existence, guiding the Giants to Super Bowl XXXV, and setting the single-season record for fumbles in 2001. With Collins' retirement, the Jake Locker era in Tennessee has officially begun.

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