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20 Jun 2012, 10:06pm by Danny Tuccitto

Is it Wise to Promote an Interim Head Coach?

The short answer: No. The long answer: Promoted interim head coaches are most successful when they're first-time head coaches and overhaul the coaching staff once they reach permanent status.

Make no mistake, this is the most comprehensive analysis of interim head coaches I've ever seen. However, I do have a couple of critiques:

1) I've always been of the mind that the most successful coaches who take over bad teams tend to completely clean house. When Mike Singletary takes over the 49ers, but keeps almost all of the same roster (in addition to most of the coaching staff), failure is as inevitable as a Carl Lewis national anthem.

2) One of Scott's main arguments is that successful promoted interims tend to be in their first head coaching gig. That hits a nerve with me because one of my pet peeves of football stat analysis is seeing a successful outcome, and then looking back to determine the profile of what led to success. What I want to know, and perhaps Scott can tell us ex post facto, is if the subsample of promoted interims in their first head coaching gig had a better record than those in their second-or-more head coaching gig. The answer may very well be the same, but it's better to go about things in a prospective way than a retrospective way.

Anyway, despite those criticisms, it's one helluva post, so give it a read.

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18 May 2012, 11:38am by Danny Tuccitto

2011 Adjusted Games Lost for Team Units

While the rest of the league was competing for a Lombardi trophy, the Rams and Panthers were busy trying to break AGL records at every position. They almost succeeded.

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15 May 2012, 10:54am by Danny Tuccitto

Four Downs: AFC North

Veterans like Chris Crocker, Bryant McFadden, and Andre Gurode have left unsettled situations in their wake. How will the AFC North turn them over?

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11 May 2012, 12:44pm by Danny Tuccitto

2011 Adjusted Games Lost

A neck injury in Indianapolis got most of the headlines, but plenty of other NFL teams were affected by poor health in 2011. Which overcame it, and which didn't?

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26 Apr 2012, 06:33pm by Danny Tuccitto

Which Team Has the Most Total Draft Pick Value in 2012?

Which Team Has the Most Total Draft Pick Value in 2012? (Click to read more.)

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21 Mar 2012, 11:02am by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds Review: WRs

The second half of our Wisdom of Crowds review looks at projections for 12 wide receivers. Stevie Johnson was deadly accurate; Mike Sims-Walker, not so much.

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09 Mar 2012, 12:48pm by Danny Tuccitto

Wisdom of Crowds Review: QBs and RBs

The first installment of our Wisdom of Crowds post-mortem for 2011 reveals two things: proof of concept and a mystical oneness with Colt McCoy.

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14 Feb 2012, 03:49pm by Danny Tuccitto

Four Downs: AFC North

The changing of the guard finally begins on the defensive line in Pittsburgh.

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02 Feb 2012, 01:14pm by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN: The Future of New England's Pass Offense

The Patriots are in the Super Bowl after spending three years undoing Josh McDaniels' pass offense. How soon they get back depends in part on the degree to which he undoes the undoing. In this Insider piece, we use game charting data to chronicle the history of the former, and explore potential options regarding the latter.

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25 Jan 2012, 12:15am by Danny Tuccitto

Raiders To Name Dennis Allen Head Coach

Young, up-and-coming NFL coordinator? Check. Poaching the staff of a division rival? Check. Not giving Marty Mornhinweg another shot at being an overtime-decision renegade? Check. Providing bait for a Raiderjoe appearance in an FO comment thread? Check. All in all, what a bonanza!

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