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07 Aug 2010, 01:25am by Doug Farrar

The Best (and Worst) Quarterbacks Under Pressure

Who were the best quarterbacks on the run last year? Which bad quarterbacks were even worse with defenders crashing the pocket? Based on our 2009 game-charting information, here are the most and least effective signal-callers under pressure last season.

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05 Aug 2010, 11:35am by Doug Farrar

The Dick Vermeil All-Stars

Our All-Star coaching series continues with the man who may have left St. Louis too soon. This team features easy picks at many skill positions and some very interesting names on defense.

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02 Aug 2010, 08:02am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Snapshots from Week 1 of Training Camp

This week: PK experiences Dezmania, reveals who kicked Pacman's grown ass, takes in Thomas Dimitroff's exciting rebuild in Atlanta, talks to Sean Morey about his retirement, and explains how T.O. forced him to plan a half-marathon.

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26 Jul 2010, 08:02am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Optimism Is Everywhere

In his return to work, our intrepid SI correspondent prepares for his annual training camp tour, almost gets in a fight, explains the 357th reason (approximate total) that Lane Kiffin is a snake, tells us why we should all feel very, very sorry for the bass player of Kings of Leon, and remembers Kaye Cowher.

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19 Jul 2010, 09:57am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Leaving Their Mark

The PK World Cup/vacation columns come to an end with Steve Sabol of NFL Films taking the chair -- our intrepid javahound will return next Monday. Sabol lists the most exceptional players he's seen and covered, opines on the reason behind Adrian Peterson's fumbling issues, wonders whatever happened to Hugh McElhenny, and questions the link between turnovers and losses. Oh, and is this where I wonder why in hell Steve and Ed Sabol aren't in the Pro Football Hall of Fame yet? I suppose it is.

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12 Jul 2010, 08:14am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: How to Become A Better QB

This week's Monday Morning Quarterback is an actual quarterback, as Atlanta's Matt Ryan reveals what he learned by studying the best in the off-season, tells us why Tony Gonzalez is so great, handicaps the British Open, and warns against taking the Saints too lightly.

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05 Jul 2010, 08:05am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: An Emotional Holiday

PK returns to thank everyone for the kind thoughts regarding the passing of his brother, to recount Brad Childress' reunion with his son, to run down all the post-Super Bowl Saints books, to give FIFA three suggestions for the future, and to wonder with the rest of us why Don Coryell didn't make the Hall of Fame before he died.

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28 Jun 2010, 09:33am by Doug Farrar

MMRT: Five Ways to Change the NFL

This week's MMQB guest columnist is Houston Texans right tackle Eric Winston, one of the more underrated offensive linemen in the game today. Winston details how he'd change the league if he had a day in the Commish's chair, details his playoff teams for 2010, puts up a link to his excellent website, and finds himself in Matt Leinart's corner. If you want to read more from Winston, check out the recent interview I did with him here and here.

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21 Jun 2010, 12:35pm by Doug Farrar

Steve Smith Breaks Arm in Flag Football Game

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported it first -- Panthers receiver Steve Smith broke his left arm in a flag football game at his camp for kids over the weekend. Schefter says that Smith underwent surgery last night and may be ready for the season opener. Smith broke his left forearm in December, ending his season early, though reports indicate that this break is in a different spot.

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21 Jun 2010, 09:25am by Doug Farrar

MMRB: The Great From the Good

In this week's MM(R)B, Marice Jones-Drew takes over for PK as he continues his World Cup coverage. Pocket Hercules covers the differences between the truly great players and the guys who just fill out rosters, the one thing that would have him considering an 18-game regular season, his drive to end cab flatulence, and his search for Dave Chappelle.

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