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21 Feb 2011, 08:12am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: NFL Season Retrospective

This week, PK goes through his season in review, but not before discussing the fact that Dave Duerson's suicide has once again brought the subject of head trauma to the forefront of the discussion. It is hoped that someday, the subject will be met with more than rules that are enforced haphazardly, and lip service from the Commissioner.

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17 Feb 2011, 10:42am by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: DTs of the 2011 Draft, Part 1

The Cover-2 pre-draft scouting series moves to the defensive line, which presents a nearly unprecedented talent pool. Where do Stephen Paea and Corey Liuget stand among all these potential NFL stars?

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14 Feb 2011, 09:08am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Hall of Fame Process Will Never Be Perfect

In this episode, PK defends the Hall of Fame selection process against Jason Whitlock's accusations (don't take it personally, dude -- Whitlock starts throwing around base accusations whenever he runs out of ideas, which happens rather frequently); shares a few interesting anecdotes about the history of difficult NFL negotiations; reveals a few more details about how poorly fans were treated during the Super Bowl; and reviews an interesting new book.

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09 Feb 2011, 12:56pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Hybrid OL of the 2011 Draft

During Senior Bowl week, Rodney Hudson and Danny Watkins left people wondering where they'd fit best on an NFL line. What did the tape show, and who passed the eye test in Mobile?

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07 Feb 2011, 10:14am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Lombardi Trophy Eases Woodson's Pain

In his Super Bowl wrap-up, PK helps Charles Woodson with his jacket, discusses another interesting Hall of Fame voting process, compares Aaron Rodgers to a less obvious quarterback, and spreads the snack gospel of Rex Ryan.

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02 Feb 2011, 02:17pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: OTs of the 2011 Draft

In this week's college scouting installment, Doug Farrar returns from the Senior Bowl with impressions on three potential first-round tackles.

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31 Jan 2011, 09:08am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Packers, Steelers, Goodell on Center Stage

Down in Dallas for Super Bowl week, PK discusses the last CBA with Paul Tagliabue, gets the skinny on Rogert Goodell from the Commish and the people who work with him, recalls a post-Super Bowl moment Steve Young probably wants to forget, quotes our Fearless Leader on the futility of the Pro Bowl, and endorses the greatness of Abita Beer (a sentiment I share -- I had some Abita Purple Haze down in Mobile last week, and it was outstanding).

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24 Jan 2011, 08:08am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Packers vs. Steelers is One for the Books

This week, PK runs down the stories of the AFC and NFC champions, weighs in on Kneegate, explains why the NFC is the Land of Opportunity, says that Pat Shurmur may be the right man for the job, gives just one example of why Dan Rooney should be a part of the CBA negotiations again, and gives some love to the MAC.

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19 Jan 2011, 01:12pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: RBs of the 2011 Draft

Cover-2 moves on to the running backs for its comprehensive look at the best draft-eligible players. In this installment, Mikel Leshoure provides the thunder, and Mark Ingram the lightning.

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12 Jan 2011, 01:04pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: QBs of the 2011 Draft Part II

With Andrew Luck staying in school, Cover-2 moves on to the two quarterbacks who may benefit most from that decision -- Ryan Mallett and Blaine Gabbert.

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