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11 Jan 2011, 06:43pm by Doug Farrar

50 Days Away, Lockout Looms Larger Than Ever

This was a quick Yahoo! blog post on an NFLPA conference call I participated in today. Wanted to share it with the folks here because there are some new and interesting things about a potential lockout, and what the ramifications may be.

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10 Jan 2011, 08:58am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Epic Wild-Card Weekend

This week, PK writes about how the Bengals helped the Seahawks beat the Saints, wonders with the rest of us just what the hell Jim Caldwell was thinking, updates the coaching carousel, details how Matt Millen takes a rare detour into intelligent thought, and finds a brief window in which Phil Simms apparently makes sense.

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05 Jan 2011, 05:08pm by Doug Farrar

How Dom Capers Uses the Cover-7 Defense

This is an outstanding read from Cheesehead TV, the Packers site run by Friend of FO Aaron Nagler. Former player and coach "Paul Ott Carruth" (that's just a handle, he prefers to remain anonymous) gives an exhaustive (and I do mean EXHAUSTIVE) look at how defensive coordinator Dom Capers' use of Cover-7 could help the Packers beat the Eagles this weekend.

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05 Jan 2011, 12:18pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: QBs of the 2011 Draft Part I

Cover-2 goes into draft mode early with the first of a two-part look at the best quarterback prospects. First up: a Pac-10 twofer with Stanford's Andrew Luck and Washington's Jake Locker.

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03 Jan 2011, 10:31am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Coaching Carousel Begins to Spin

In this week's eposode: Our intrepid reporter runs down what might happen on Black Monday and beyond, tells a pretty amazing story about 49ers interim coach Jim Tomsula, commends LeGarrette Blount for getting through a full NFL season without punching someone (we can't say the same for Terrell Suggs), reviews his preseason predictions, overvalues Kevin Kolb to an impressive degree, and discoveres the greatness of Arrogant Bastard Ale.

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27 Dec 2010, 10:51am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Snow and Fired

This week, PK endorses the Eagles-Vikings rescheduling based on personal experience, runs down the list of soon-to-be-gone coaches, explains why the NFC West suckfest got flexed, asks Chris Kluwe to break down punting mechanics (this is actually pretty interesting), and talks up the Kansas City chapter of FOA 2010.

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23 Dec 2010, 12:51pm by Doug Farrar

Play of the Day: Misreading Coverage

Thought you might find this interesting.

For all the announcer-bashing we do as writers, readers, and viewers, we also acknowledge that it's hard for anybody to know what's going on down in the field even if you played the game at one time, if you talked to the guys who coach the teams playing the game you're calling, and if you attend a practice or two during the week. Even when you have the ultimate All-22 view from the press box, it's still easy to get it wrong, because you may not know what's intended at any given time. (Click to read more.)

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22 Dec 2010, 02:42pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Rise of the Underrated

It's time to unearth a few underappreciated players. We'll start with the guy challenging Ndamukong Suh and a receiver who's adjusting to social media.

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20 Dec 2010, 07:53am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Playoff Picture Begins to Clear Up

This week, Peter King details the yelling that goes on at 30 Rock, tries to make sense of Giants-Eagles, asks for changes in the Hall of Fame voting process, reveals that Charles Woodson still isn't over the Tuck Rule game, points out the one thing Tom Brady and Joe Webb have on common, and debuts the "Beernerdness" portion of his column.

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16 Dec 2010, 04:43pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: Best of Seven

Once again, Bill Belichick did his best draft shopping after the door busters were gone. See how Patriots rookie cornerback Devin McCourty has transcended the middle of the pack.

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