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28 May 2007, 05:52pm by Doug Farrar

Marquise Hill's Body Found

Patriots.com and the AP have reported that a body believed to be New England Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill was found by searchers Monday, a day after he was reported missing following a jetski accident on Lake Pontchartrain. Neither Hill nor his female compnaion (who was rescued) were wearing life preservers.

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28 May 2007, 11:22am by Doug Farrar

Colston Playing Mentor to Meachem

With all the off-season examples of jerkitude and jackassery monopolizing the NFL news, I found this story about second-year New Orleans receiver Marques Colston and his mentorship of rookie Robert Meachem to be a real breath of fresh air. Colston didn't get a big head after his amazing rookie season, in which he went from seventh-round draft pick to DPAR Superstar seemingly overnight.

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03 May 2007, 11:36pm by Doug Farrar

Raiders Looking at Mike Mayock?

According to Jerry McDonald of InsideBayArea.com, the Oakland Raiders are preparing for the "inevitable replacement" of current GM Mike Lombardi by looking at NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock as a possible personnel executive. McDonald also mentions NFL.com columnist Pat Kirwan as a option. Personally, I hope Mayock stays right where he is, but that's a selfish interest. He was the pointman of the NFL Network's superlative draft coverage this year, and he's become, in my opinion, the best talking head on the subject.

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02 May 2007, 06:55pm by Doug Farrar

Four Downs: NFC West

Doug Farrar reviews the drafts of the four NFC West teams for this round of Four Downs. You can probably guess how he feels about the Darrell Jackson trade. Learn which rookies are at risk to reprise a college scuffle -- hint: you let the first-rounder win if you want to make the team -- and who gets to be the Seahawks' new junk yard dog.

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30 Apr 2007, 12:28pm by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Draft Dreams Come True

The anatomy of Cleveland's stellar first round, and other draft-day wheels/deals/steals. Also: In this week's episode of "Technology and You", Peter King discovers text messaging!

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23 Apr 2007, 12:41pm by Doug Farrar

Rob Rang Q&A

NFLDraftScout.com Senior Analyst Rob Rang answers questions sent in by FO readers, and our own inquiries, in this exclusive Q & A. Learn about the Five Overrateds and the Big Sleepers, Rob’s own All-Draft team, what he’d like to change about the Combine, and much more.

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23 Apr 2007, 09:46am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Last-Minute Maneuverings

In this week's installment, PK opines that Tampa Bay will not trade up to get Calvin Johnson, discloses that several NFL people are VERY unhappy about the PFW "Prospects and Pot" story, now believes that the Raiders will take JaMarcus Russell, and reveals that he "likes the way Jason Whitlock thinks". Back page summary: Yes on Mary Beth King, no on iPods.

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16 Apr 2007, 08:20am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Not Worth the Big Bucks

Peter King wonders if this year's first-round draft class is all it's cracked up to be, doesn't understand why people go all crazy and nutty over this draft and schedule stuff (answer: because discussing the new personal conduct policy isn't going to tide us over until training camp), discloses a way in which Pacman Jones could actually play this year, and goes all "Sopranos" on New Jersey's governor. Note: The best part of King's column may actually be a Paul Zimmerman quote.

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15 Apr 2007, 12:46am by Doug Farrar

Draft Needs: NFC West

In the fourth installment of our Draft Needs series, Doug Farrar takes the post-free agency temperature of the NFC West.

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12 Apr 2007, 12:31am by Doug Farrar

Drew Bledsoe Calls it Quits

After 15 years, two Super Bowls, 44,611 yards and 251 touchdown passes, the first overall pick in the 1993 NFL Draft has decided to hang 'em up.

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