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05 Feb 2007, 12:35pm by Doug Farrar

MMQB: Peyton's Day

In which Mr. King discusses Manning's preparation for the big game, the Hall of Fame voting, how Ted Johnson will apparently affect New England's future free-agent acquisitions, what Tom Brady and O.J. have in common, Billy Joel's apparent performance superiority over Prince (?), and more.

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05 Feb 2007, 02:31am by Doug Farrar

Manic Monday: Finally, The Colts are XLInt

The final "Manic Monday" of the season, and thanks to everyone for the comments and suggestions. In retrospect, I think the thing I enjoyed most about this game was watching the Indianapolis offensive line. In the eight months I've been writing for this site, the one aspect of the game that has really made itself apparent to me is an ever-increasing apprecation for the truly great front fives. They may not be the 1976 Raiders or the 1997 Broncos, but they were certainly good enough on this day.

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01 Feb 2007, 02:24am by Doug Farrar

Zebra Hunt: Tony Corrente

The only place on the internet where you can get a breakdown on the Super Bowl's referee. (Click link to read.)

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22 Jan 2007, 01:01pm by Doug Farrar

Manic Monday: Conference Championship Edition

Sorry for the late post - this didn't go up on FOX until about 7:30 PST this morning. So ... here's (hopefully) a few things about the Conference Championshp games you haven't read yet - a Bears team that was guided to victory by Sean Payton's pass-happiness at the worst possible times, and an AFC title game that went back and forth more often than Mike Tomlin's employment status.

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20 Jan 2007, 04:34pm by Doug Farrar

Tomlin Named Steelers' Head Coach

Mike Tomlin, Minnesota's 34-year-old defensive coordinator, will be named the new head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend, SI.com's Michael Silver has learned. Silver wrote that the announcement would come late Saturday or early Sunday. Considered a future front-runner for a coaching job since his days as Tampa Bay's secondary coach, Tomlin beat out Pittsburgh assistant head coach Russ Grimm and Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera for the job.

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19 Jan 2007, 11:02am by Doug Farrar

Zebra Hunt: Conference Championships

Insight about the most important people in the conference championship games - the referees.

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15 Jan 2007, 03:51am by Doug Farrar

Manic Monday: Divisional Round

It's been one the NFL's great recent mysteries, right up there with "Which Rex Grossman will show up today?", "What was Herman Edwards thinking?", and "How does Tom Coughlin still have a job?" — What has happened to the defense of the Indianapolis Colts from the regular season to the playoffs? Also: The Pats watch as San Diego implodes, one Cinderella story beats another, and the NFC's best remaining playoff team gets a rather close call from the former conference champs.

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08 Jan 2007, 03:31am by Doug Farrar

Manic Monday: Did Indy's "D" Win the Game?

On this first weekend of the playoffs, it would seem that above all other positions, air traffic controllers would have filled the greatest need for seven of the eight teams in question. Of eight starting quarterbacks, only one performed superlatively, and quite a few were downright horrible for long stretches of time. Were you to combine all eight starters into one — "ROBO-QB" as it were, and divide the numbers by eight, you'd find that the aggregate quarterback in question completed an average of 19.6 passes in 32.3 attempts for 203.8 yards, 1.3 touchdowns and 1.125 interceptions.

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01 Jan 2007, 03:51pm by Doug Farrar

Manic Monday: Consolation Day

Here's the final regular season wrapup, only half a day late. My apologies for that - FOX was understaffed with the holiday. A few positive thoughts for most of the 20 teams that didn't make the playoffs, games in review, a bunch of numbers, and a prolonged plea to Herman Edwards: STAY AWAY FROM RUNNING BACKS! Note: This was originally submitted before Darrent Williams' death, or the Green and Mora firings.

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01 Jan 2007, 02:31pm by Doug Farrar

Dennis Green, Jim Mora Fired

The least surprising firing of the postseason was the first, and right on schedule: Arizona's Dennis Green has been pinkslipped after three years, a 16-32 record, the most memorable quote of the season, and quite possibly the worst prolonged stretch of offensive line play in recent NFL history. UPDATE: Atlanta has also announced they have fired Jim Mora.

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