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17 Aug 2007, 01:33pm by Guest

Which Football Factory Comes First?

College football fans across the nation like to argue about their school's ability to produce NFL stars, but those arguments have always been based on hyperbole and subjective opinions. In this guest column, Dan Davis tries to find a statistical way to settle things.

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08 Aug 2007, 12:39pm by Guest

10 Freshmen to Watch This Fall

Brandon C. Williams looks at ten freshmen most likely to make an impact this fall on campuses across the country. This is particularly good news for fans of Illinois.

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29 Jul 2007, 05:37pm by Guest

Value under the Cap

Guest columnist Zac Hinz offers something to help get you through the pre-training camp summer doldrums: a look at what positions make the most sense to devote more of a team's salary cap to, based on correlations between salary and DVOA.

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14 May 2007, 11:44am by Guest

Four Downs: AFC North

Jaff Bathurst returns for a post-draft recap of the AFC North. The Ravens got players at the positions they needed, the Bengals got guys who aren't on the prison track, which they needed, the Browns got what everyone thought they needed, and the Steelers got linebackers, which they always think they need.

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09 May 2007, 04:17pm by Guest

Four Downs: NFC South

It was a great draft for the NFC South. Carolina and Atlanta loaded up on talent, Tampa Bay did some heavy rebuilding on the defensive side of the ball, and the Saints went small-school shopping again, after an SEC pitstop in Tennessee.

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08 May 2007, 07:51am by Guest

2007 Draft Report Card Report

Just in case you thought you were through with the 2007 NFL Draft, here's the annual Football Outsiders Draft Report Card Report. Guest columnist Jake Schumaker examines some teams whose drafts the experts agreed on, and some they emphatically disagreed about. Plus your team's draft has a GPA, and odds are it will have a hard time getting into NFL grad school.

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27 Apr 2007, 09:35am by Guest

Rating Mel Kiper

All weekend long, we'll hear from the draft analysts. When you go back years later to look, does it turn out that they knew what they were talking about? Guest columnist David Cohen takes a microscope to the performance of Mel Kiper, everyone's favorite NFL draft guru.

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19 Apr 2007, 10:12pm by Guest

FO Re-run: Draft Position

Last spring, guest columnist Tim Murray looked at every starter in the NFL to figure out what combination of high and low draft picks makes up each position. We've had so many people asking about this article that we decided to run it again.

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19 Apr 2007, 12:47pm by Guest

Draft Needs: AFC North

The draft needs series continues. Learn who might be the next great Steelers linebacker and the surprising identity of the one AFC North team that actually doesn't need a linebacker right now.

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17 Apr 2007, 11:55am by Guest

2007 Quarterbacks Draft Preview

David Lewin, creator of the college quarterback projection system, is back with a look at this year's two big passing prospects: JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn. Oakland fans may not like what he has to say.

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