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14 Nov 2013, 11:41am by Matt Waldman

Case Keenum Analysis

Case Keenum is the most surprising bench player in the NFL this year. I’ve studied his three starts and I believe the Cardinals defense provided the best evidence that the Texans’ new starter has the potential to succeed long-term. Read the rest at the RSP blog.

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13 Nov 2013, 02:13am by Matt Waldman

Jordy Nelson vs Bump and Run

The Nelson-Aaron Rodgers combo is among the best in football at the back-shoulder fade. One of the reasons this play remains so effective for the Packers’ duo is that Nelson is equally strong at earning separation against press coverage and winning 50/50 balls in the vertical game. Defenders cannot assume every deep pass is a back-shoulder play. Read the rest at the RSP blog.

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12 Nov 2013, 11:32am by Matt Waldman

Tyrann Mathieu and Economy of Motion

Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu is playing his tail off and the biggest reason this rookie has made the jump from LSU to the NFL with a year away from football in between is his mental command of the game. Mathieu is an incisive player and it’s easy to see this quality on the field. The RSP blog profiles two plays against the Texans – notably Andre Johnson and Ben Tate – where Mathieu demonstrates multiple skills with no wasted motion.

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09 Nov 2013, 01:40pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: Buy One, Get Three Free?

Having an open mind and room in an evaluation process to spot players with underdeveloped potential can help transform an organization.

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04 Nov 2013, 02:28pm by Matt Waldman

Robert Griffin Part II: Reasons For Hope

Part II examines how the weaknesses of this offense creates a vicious cycle of degradation to Griffin's game, but there are also several reasons for hope if Griffin can hang tough. Read the rest at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog.

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02 Nov 2013, 12:25pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: Baylor RB Lache Seastrunk

As dazzling as Seastrunk is –- and I see the potential for him to dazzle in the NFL –- what he’ll need to do to earn those opportunities are the boring things that make his game efficient as well as productive.

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30 Oct 2013, 09:18pm by Matt Waldman

“The Degradation of a Young Stud," Starring Robert Griffin

Sounds like an adult film, right? It is and it isn’t. What I witnessed from Washington’s passing offense against Denver this weekend was so nasty it will compel viewers take a long shower afterwards. Equally disturbing is that this film possesses a lot of elements of an exploitation flick and I had a difficult time watching an innocent, young talent treated this way. Worst of all, it’s difficult to assess blame and there in lurks the elements of psychological horror that chills the blood.

Read the rest at the RSP Blog.

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26 Oct 2013, 10:27am by Matt Waldman

Futures: UNC TE Eric Ebron

Eric Ebron is the hot name among the NFL Draft media, but the University of North Carolina tight end isn’t some flash fire that ignited at Chapel Hill in mid-October.

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22 Oct 2013, 11:54am by Matt Waldman

Why Matt Stafford is a Polarizing QB

At least once a week on Twitter, I see a writer slam Stafford for his poor footwork, his unsound throwing form, and his tendency not to follow through with his release in situations where he had a chance. And these Emily Posts of NFL football analysis are accurate with their takes. But are they really seeing the big picture?

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19 Oct 2013, 01:22am by Matt Waldman

Futures: Arizona State DT Will Sutton

The Arizona State defensive tackle’s story is turning into another example of where the system is focused on spotting flaws more than serious consideration of how to maximize available talent.

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