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25 Mar 2013, 03:47am by Matt Waldman

No-Huddle Series: Boise St. RB D.J. Harper

Once upon a time, D.J. Harper was the lead back in the Boise State offense over Doug Martin.

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21 Mar 2013, 01:10pm by Matt Waldman

Schatz, Gabbert, Glennon, and Waldman: Process Improvement

Aaron Schatz's question about Matt Waldman's miss on Blaine Gabbert broaches he subject on how this error in judgment helped Waldman continue to improve his evaluation process.

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20 Mar 2013, 04:21am by Matt Waldman

Futures: Three in the Boiler

Tight end Travis Kelce, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and linebacker Arthur Brown have a lot in common. Matt boils it down.

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12 Mar 2013, 10:58pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: Duke QB Sean Renfree

Manning quarterback-guru David Cutcliffe says Duke quarterback Sean Renfree is the steal of the draft. Find out why.

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06 Mar 2013, 09:12am by Matt Waldman

RSPWP2: Waldman's Early Thoughts

The second annual Rookie Scouting Portfolio Writers Project is two rounds in. Matt Waldman shares his thoughts on the RSPWP2.

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05 Mar 2013, 09:50pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: Arkansas RB Knile Davis

Why does the runner with the top Speed Score metric in this draft class get compared to Shonn Greene by those who study film?

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03 Mar 2013, 02:52pm by Matt Waldman

2nd Annual RSP Football Writers Project Draft

The 2013 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Writers Project will be under management from Footballguys co-owner Sigmund Bloom, who is running a 32-team start-up draft with fantasy football style serpentine order that includes a third-round reversal. Aaron Schatz, Ben Muth, and Matt Waldman are FO staff with teams.

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28 Feb 2013, 08:50pm by Matt Waldman

The Boiler Room Series: Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib

Is the NFL sleeping on Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib or is he Russ Lande's ranking of him as his top player on his draft board crazy talk? Not as crazy as you might think.

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27 Feb 2013, 05:16pm by Matt Waldman

The Kaepernick Project: FSU QB E.J. Manuel

In light of the Alex Smith deal, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kansas City Chiefs has an eye on E.J. Manuel as a project to develop behind Alex Smith ala Colin Kaepernick.

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27 Feb 2013, 08:32am by Matt Waldman

Futures: North Carolina Guard Jonathan Cooper

Explosive, agile, and purposeful, Cooper has what it takes to play in the NFL for a decade if he can stay healthy.

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