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24 Nov 2006, 11:26am by Michael David Smith

Make Thanksgiving Rivalry Weekend

This week's column explains my idea for how the NFL could make Thanksgiving weekend a little more exciting by infusing some rivalries into the mix.

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22 Nov 2006, 02:59pm by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Larry Johnson

He went from a diapers-wearing backup to the top back in the NFL. What makes Larry Johnson so effective? We explore this week in Every Play Counts.

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21 Nov 2006, 07:34pm by Michael David Smith

Peter King Analyzes Eli Manning

Credit where it's due: Peter King shows some honest-to-goodness analysis in this week's mailbag. Perhaps taking a page from Dr. Z's playbook, he charted every single one of Eli Manning's passes last night. Conclusion: "Though I don't think it's hopeless, his accuracy has to be a concern to the Giants."

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17 Nov 2006, 08:59pm by Michael David Smith

MDS Report: How Not to Judge a Quarterback

I'm watching Pardon the Interruption while I post this. The guys are debating who has had a better career, Brett Favre or Tom Brady. Mike Wilbon says it's Brady, and his explanation is, "Three is more than one." If you agree with me that that rationale is just plain stupid, you might enjoy this week's MDS Report.

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15 Nov 2006, 11:08am by Michael David Smith

Every Team Counts

Taking a break from writing about one specific aspect of one team, Michael David Smith empties his notebook with observations of all 32 teams. You'll see some names you've seen a lot of this year (Roy Williams, Javon Walker), and also some you haven't heard much about at all (Kyle Turley, Jahri Evans).

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13 Nov 2006, 01:22pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: For the Love of the Game

Peter King opens this week's column with some thoughts about Rutgers before delving into his usual fare.

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09 Nov 2006, 06:20pm by Michael David Smith

Time for Bill Cowher to Go

My column this week explains why I think Bill Cowher and the Steelers would be better off going their separate ways. Special thanks to our resident Steelers expert, Ryan Wilson, for helping me think through this piece, even though I don't think he agrees with it.

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08 Nov 2006, 12:14pm by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Martyball

It's a term of derision among many, but Martyball -- the style of offense run by San Diego's Marty Schottenheimer -- resulted in LaDainian Tomlinson having the best DPAR game of any running back this season. How did the Chargers do it, and what are their future prospects? We explore those issues in this week's installment of Every Play Counts.

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03 Nov 2006, 06:50pm by Michael David Smith

Huard Making Most of Starting Chance

Anyone who has watched Damon Huard quarterback the Kansas City Chiefs this year would have to agree that he's a legitimate NFL starter. So why did it take so long for him to get an opportunity? And what does he have in common with other quarterbacks who took a long time to get their chance, like Kurt Warner, Jake Delhomme and Brad Johnson? I explore that in this week's column.

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01 Nov 2006, 11:41am by Michael David Smith

Every Play Counts: Baltimore's Linebackers

Ray Lewis still gets most of the attention, but does he deserve it? And how do his fellow linebackers fit into the Ravens' defense? We explore that and other questions in this week's installment of Every Play Counts.

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