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09 Jan 2009, 02:42am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Momentum

The Week 1 winners may have momentum, but Mike Tanier will take a week of rest and a healthy Albert Haynesworth over any hot streak. Plus: Blitz diagrams, Cardinals fans in flight, playoff games of the past, and pregnant weather girls.

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02 Jan 2009, 10:14am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: I am GM

There's a lot more to the life of a general manager than big trades and draft day decisions. Mike Tanier reveals the secrets he learned from Charley Casserly about the daily schedule of an NFL exec. Plus, game previews and the best way to protect a rookie quarterback.

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30 Dec 2008, 03:18pm by Mike Tanier

FO in the NYTimes: Inside the Playbook

FO's media takeover continues. If you like Mike Tanier's "Microsoft Paint" play diagrams from Walkthrough, you'll love them with actual, professional illustration -- and animation! Link goes to BAL-MIA, but make sure you click on all four games.

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17 Dec 2008, 06:35pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Tiebreaker's Blues

Mike Tanier is breaking ties with special guests and finds time to visit Creative Losses Incorporated.

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11 Dec 2008, 12:30pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Run Down

The Run to Win argument surfaces yet again! Mike Tanier skewers the logic that equates high rushing totals with success, then breaks down the league's most prolific running teams to see what really makes them tick.

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04 Dec 2008, 08:39am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Make Straight the Path

The Broncos and Cardinals may not be very good, but their weak divisions gave them a clear path to the playoffs. Mike Tanier finds out what they'll do when they get there. Plus, checkpoints on the Canadian Border and Judah Ben Favre.

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25 Nov 2008, 03:30pm by Mike Tanier

A Very Walkthrough Thanksgiving

Mike Tanier talks turkey with ex-Lions quarterback Eric Hipple and diagrams the combo routes your children will use to ditch you in the mall come Black Friday. Also, game previews in this early holiday Walkthrough.

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20 Nov 2008, 10:40am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Purple Village

Audubon, New Jersey, is traditionally Eagles country, but hometown hero Joe Flacco has the town seeing purple. Mike Tanier learns to cope with divided loyalty with the help of some friends and co-workers. Plus: Andy Reid's Red Sea Offense and mash notes from Jim Fassel.

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13 Nov 2008, 12:10pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Return of the King

The Jets are 6-3, the Packers 4-5. The Favre-o-philes are readying their love letters. Mike Tanier takes an in-depth look at the real impact of the Favre drama on the 2008 season. Plus, the only three-safety game in NFL history, fullback traps, robot legs, and much more.

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07 Nov 2008, 12:48am by Mike Tanier

Instant Analysis: Brady Quinn

Here's a pass-by-pass breakdown of Brady Quinn's effort in the Browns' heartbreaking loss to the Broncos on Thursday....

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