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24 Jan 2008, 05:48pm by Mike Tanier

Rundown: Giants Can't Ignore Passing Game

Part II of this week's two-part Rundown breaks down the Giants offense against the Patriots defense, plus a note about special teams which reminds us that not all kickoffs are created equal.

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24 Jan 2008, 12:04pm by Mike Tanier

Rundown: Giants Must Pressure Brady

This week, I wrote two Rundowns for the price of one. More precisely, it's one Rundown split into two parts. Part I breaks down the Patriots offense against the Giants defense. The key to slowing the Patriots down in generating pass rush and containing Randy Moss. Stop me if you heard any of this before.

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18 Jan 2008, 11:13am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Chess Match

Jason Garrett plays chess with death (or the Giants defense at least), Mike McCarthy bones up for the cold weather, the Jaguars' tealprint isn't precisely a blueprint, Wisconsin television stations try to deny Eli's Seinfeld fix, and Mike Tanier's kid searches in vain for a five-year-old version of Hines Ward. If Too Deep Zone sounds a little brain-sprained, it's because football, unlike chess, is really complicated.

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17 Jan 2008, 10:01pm by Mike Tanier

FOX Rundown: 2008 Championship Weekend

In Week 2, 46 points separated the Giants and Chargers from the Packers and Patriots. Has either team made up the gap?

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10 Jan 2008, 02:37pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: The Blueprint

It's been a much-overused word this season, but after watching 20 hours of game tape, Mike Tanier has a developed a blueprint for beating the Patriots. He swears it's foolproof. Has he discovered the secret to stopping the Patriots, or has he lost his mind? Judge for yourself.

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10 Jan 2008, 12:04pm by Mike Tanier

Divisional Round FOX Rundown

Chalk, baby, chalk. Rundown reflects on the wacky Colts-Chargers game from Week 10, dismisses all the excitement about the Jaguars, and finishes up by picking all favorites.

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02 Jan 2008, 07:36pm by Mike Tanier

Wild Card FOX Rundown

No Brady or Manning, no Favre or Romo, no Randy Moss or T.O.? Somehow, we'll manage. An excellent slate of wild card games brings us the Jaguars-Steelers rematch, the Giants trying to prove they can get up for two opponents in a row, LT vs. the Titans defense, and, uh... Seattle vs. Washington. OK, maybe they aren't all so exciting to fans of the other 24 teams.

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28 Dec 2007, 03:56pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone All-Rookie Team 2007

Looking for surprises? Look elsewhere. The third annual Too Deep Zone All-Rookie Team has all the names you expect: Peterson, Ugoh, Willis, Edwards, Okoye. But Mike Tanier does have a few tricks up his sleeve, including a snub for a Pro Bowl kicker. Find out who made the cut this year.

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26 Dec 2007, 05:48pm by Mike Tanier

Week 17 FOX Rundown

Good "Mike Tanier is a biased Pats fan" criticism in the FOX comments, to go with the "Michael David Smith is a biased Pats fan" criticism in EPC earlier this week. You know, we do allow Football Outsiders writers to live in NFC cities -- even NFC cities that are not Seattle. Really.

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19 Dec 2007, 11:35pm by Mike Tanier

Week 16 FOX Rundown

There isn't a single game this week that features two teams with winning records. Happy Rundown, everybody!

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