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26 Sep 2007, 05:38pm by Mike Tanier

Week 4 FOX Rundown

Rundown takes it way back to 1982. If you make the correct noises with your mouth, the image of Brett Favre in the column actually turns into Lynn Dickey. Well, maybe not.

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20 Sep 2007, 11:12am by Mike Tanier

Week 3 FOX Rundown

Stop, hey, what's that sound? A cricket in my ear? The oncoming rush of the Jeff Garcia bandwagon? The devil on my shoulder telling me "more Norv Turner jokes?" Here's your look at Week 3 of the 2007 season.

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15 Sep 2007, 03:21pm by Mike Tanier

Year of the Scab

If you learned everything you know about the 1987 players strike from the movie "The Replacements," then you don't know the true story. Mike Tanier takes you back to the craziest, most contentious month in NFL history with an excerpt from his historical mini-epic, now available for download exclusively here at FO.

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12 Sep 2007, 06:11pm by Mike Tanier

Week 2 FOX Rundown

Marlon McCree meets Scott Bacula, Eli Manning meets the vagueness of the NFL injury report, and the Bears and Saints prepare to teach NFL fans that one week does not a season make. It's all part of our Week 2 preview in the FOX Rundown.

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07 Sep 2007, 05:21pm by Mike Tanier

TDZ: Eli Overloaded

The TDZ season kicks off with a new format: all play diagrams, all the time. This week, Mike Tanier breaks down footage of Eli Manning to learn just what the Giants quarterback is doing wrong. It turns out to have nothing to do with funny pregame speeches.

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05 Sep 2007, 06:15pm by Mike Tanier

Week 1 FOX Rundown

Bring it on, make it right. Lay back, we'll give you playback. Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream. And so forth. It's Rundown, you people know what to expect by now!

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31 Aug 2007, 01:18pm by Mike Tanier

TDZ: On Bended Knee

Last year, Mike Tanier kicked off his Too Deep Zone column by introducing a revolutionary strategy for winning football games. The strategy was so revolutionary, in fact, that we're going to kick off the 2007 season -- and every season to come -- with the same article. Welcome to the column that became somewhat of a FO manifesto.

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26 Aug 2007, 01:55pm by Mike Tanier

Camp Battles: Daunte's Inferno

Welcome to hell, or as we know it better, "the Oakland Raiders offense." Here's our latest look at position battles around the league after this weekend's preseason action.

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21 Aug 2007, 06:01pm by Mike Tanier

FO Chat at Baseball Prospectus

Lots of fantasy football questions in this chat over at BaseballProspectus.com. Get ready for the season with some answers.

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20 Aug 2007, 11:36am by Mike Tanier

Camp Battles: The Future is Now in Cleveland

Week two of our look at the top training camp position battles, starting off with the question on everybody's mind from Shaker Heights to downtown Erie: Why would the Browns screw around with Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson after the way Brady Quinn played in his first NFL preseason game?

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