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12 Aug 2007, 07:32pm by Mike Tanier

Camp Battles: Who's Winning So Far

Here's a look at the status of some of the major training camp position battles around the league, now that most teams have played their first preseason game.

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06 Aug 2007, 08:27pm by Mike Tanier

FO Ranks All 32 Teams for 2007: Coaching Staffs

It's the long-awaited end to our rankings of all 32 teams, unit-by-unit. We end with coaching staffs, led by three teams which have been in contention for nearly every season this decade.

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06 Aug 2007, 12:50pm by Mike Tanier

Play of the Day: The Screen Package

It's time to get the ball to our playmakers in space. In the seventh and final installment of Play of the Day, we'll break down three different wide receiver screens, plus a double-pump-fake screen straight from the mind of Sean Payton.

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01 Aug 2007, 03:03pm by Mike Tanier

Virgil Parks Defends the Original FFHoF

Back in 2005, Mike Tanier wrote the original story about the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame (FFHoF) and its visionary creator Virgil Parks. Since then, ESPN appropriated Parks' idea without his consent. As part of our continuing effort to stick up for the common man, we dispatched Mike Tanier to interview Parks.

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18 Jul 2007, 10:59am by Mike Tanier

Play of the Day: Bunch Right Skinny Post

Just in case you ever thought about being an NFL free safety, Mike Tanier offers a play designed specifically to confound and exploit you.

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15 Jul 2007, 04:08pm by Mike Tanier

FO Ranks All 32 Teams for 2007: Quarterbacks

Yes, it's time for that fun debate, ranking all 32 teams at every position. What, you say, some other website is doing this same thing? Ah, yes, but FOX has been doing this for years, and this is the second year that they've left Football Outsiders in charge. We have an "Inc." in our name, too, even if the only people who ever see it are our accountant and the IRS. Even better, this year's articles feature the always fun FOX reader comments. Mike Tanier kicks things off for 2007 with quarterbacks, led by you know who, followed by you know who.

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11 Jul 2007, 07:12pm by Mike Tanier

Play of the Day: Epic End Around

Full house backfield? Check. Dangerous tight end and former college quarterback turned slash receiver at fullback? Check. Reverse to the split end? Check. Today's play has the makings of something special. So why did the Redskins execute it so poorly? Today, we analyze an almost-disastrous reverse to Santana Moss, looking for ways to make it better while preserving its delightful wackiness.

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09 Jul 2007, 02:11pm by Mike Tanier

Summertime Blues

Mike Tanier has a look at all the stories (or non-stories) in the NFL this July. (Click link to read more.)

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06 Jul 2007, 05:11pm by Mike Tanier

Leaf: The Film Clip!

A few months ago, Mike Tanier wrote about the new independently-made "mockumentary" Leaf, about everyone's favorite quarterback bust. Mike mentioned that he had a small role in the film, basically playing himself. The folks from Parking Lot Films have put out a film clip from the movie, shown on the NFL Network and other places, and it stars... our very own Mike Tanier! For those of you who always wondered what he looks like, now is your chance.

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05 Jul 2007, 12:25pm by Mike Tanier

Every Stat Tells a Story: The 1981 Colts

Three words sum this story up nicely: Worst. Defense. Ever.

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