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12 Sep 2015, 08:57am by Mike Tanier

NFL Game Previews, Week 1

My 11th year of providing Game Previews in one form or another for a major outlet. Now in slideshow form! (Ducks). Click through to learn why crocodiles are trying to eat Drew Brees, how the Bengals interpret Greek mythology, and which Redskins character you are!

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03 Sep 2015, 11:28am by Mike Tanier

The QB Nonsense Index: A Banner Year for Absurd QB Storylines

The Third Annual Quarterback Nonsense Index: your break from deflated footballs and legal dramas.

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27 Aug 2015, 11:28am by Mike Tanier

How Preseason ACL Injuries Can Be Drastically Reduced

What's the best way for analytics to help teams? The answer is pretty clear. We don't write about it much at FO because it's all internal data that we can't get on the outside, but the best analytics are the sports science analytics that will improve player performance and help prevent injuries. We know how to prevent a lot of the non-contact preseason injuries that are caused by a "one size fits all" method of practice and a poor understanding of how to slowly ease into conditioning. But the data doesn't help if the coaches won't change their ways.

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28 Jul 2015, 08:22am by Mike Tanier

NFL Urban Legends: The Strange Case of the NFL's First 1,000-Yard Rusher

If we don't have an argument about Beattie Feathers, who will?

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22 Jul 2015, 08:44am by Mike Tanier

NFL Urban Legends: Ray Guy and the Helium Punt

Another week, another Urban Legend. This one takes us back to DeflateGate 77.

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16 Jul 2015, 08:57am by Mike Tanier

NFL Urban Legends: Bo Jackson and the Too-Fast-to-be-True 40-Yard Dash

Hey folks, Tanier here. This Bo Jackson article is the first in a multi-part series on NFL Urban Legends. Hope you enjoy.

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03 Jul 2015, 08:17am by Mike Tanier

First in War, Third in the AAFC: The Story of Pro Football's Yankees and Dodgers

Hey gang: Tanier here. Looking for a patriotic longform to read on a lazy Fourth of July weekend? Maybe one with Tom Landry, Branch Rickey and Chiang Kai-shek as major characters? How about one with links to some amazing WWII-era football film. You are in luck! Bleacher Report let me tell the story of the postwar Yankees and Dodgers, a pair of teams that helped win a war but, thanks to those mighty Cleveland Browns, lost the peace.

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19 May 2015, 09:08am by Mike Tanier

Deflategate, Roaring 20's Style: New England's 1st Controversial Champions

Hey folks, Tanier here! With DeflateGate slowly eroding my sanity, I jumped at the chance Bleacher Report gave me to tell the story of the Providence Steam Roller. It was meant to just be an oddball feature about 1920s football, but I found some fun parallels with the current state of NFL football in New England.

Take the time to link and share this one. If we get lots of "reader engagement," B/R will let me write more stuff about old-timey football.

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09 Apr 2015, 12:55pm by Mike Tanier

Kickers Are Prospects, Too: The Impossible Task of Scouting Kickers and Punters

Hey folks, Tanier here. Thought you might like this in-depth look at the perils of trying to draft, or even scout, a kicker or punter. It contains lots of good stuff from experts like John Carney and Michael Husted!

Just to break the news here first, I am scheduled to provide live pick-by-pick coverage of the first three rounds of the draft over at Bleacher Report. If you are a B/R conscientious objector, I ask you to reconsider and give Team Stream a look. I was once like you!

In the meantime, enjoy the kickers and punters.

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02 Feb 2015, 08:57am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: Patriots Untainted Clutch Redemption Legacy

The full Troll So Hard headline was supposed to be Patriots Overcome Distractions in Ultimate Clutch Redemption Legacy Narrative.

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