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10 Oct 2005, 02:38pm by Ned Macey

Morning After Week 5

Len Pasquarelli checks in with a series of what seem to me rather obvious storylines. Colts' defense is good. Michael Vick gets hurt. Tatum Bell was part of the Bailey-Portis trade. Houston Texans are really bad. The one thing I disagree with, however, is using the 49ers game as a reason to lead with the Colts' defense. They got run over by Kevan Barlow and missed as many tackles as they did against the Patriots last January. Fortunately, Cato June was Alex Smith's second favorite target, and the only one he hit for a touchdown.

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05 Oct 2005, 02:09pm by Ned Macey

Colts Enter Soft Spot of Schedule

This relatively normal look at the first quarter of the Colts' season ends with the following: "The Colts find themselves in the comparatively soft part of their schedule. Their next five opponents consist of the 49ers, St. Louis (2-2), Houston twice (0-3) and New England (2-2). The next team on the schedule with a winning record is Cincinnati (4-0)." I think people may be slightly overreacting to the Patriots' struggles.

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04 Oct 2005, 11:48am by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Chargers over Patriots

Thank goodness Green Bay didn't pull off the comeback; Ned Macey couldn't write another Any Given Sunday about the Panthers. Instead he tackles the injury-riddled Super Bowl champion Patriots' first home loss since the Pottsville Maroons' last championship.

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27 Sep 2005, 02:10pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Dolphins over Panthers

Three weeks of football, three weeks the Panthers were part of one of the biggest upsets of the day. While Jake Delhomme continues to give the ball away at crucial times, but once again he's stuck operating with just one good receiver. In Miami, head coach Nick Saban apparently acquired a team that was going to make a run at contention without notifying anyone. The defense is ready to roll, but the key to the offense may depend on a new acquisition not named Ronnie or Gus but rather Hudson.

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26 Sep 2005, 01:52pm by Ned Macey

Spikes and Harrison Both Out For Season

With the early season struggles of Losman, this is the last thing the Bills need. The run defense has looked bad with Spikes in there, so I can't imagine where it will go from here.

Added 5pm: Not a good day for the AFC East all around, as WBZ-4 in Boston is reporting that Rodney Harrison tore his ACL and is also gone for the year. Matt Light has a broken bone below his knee and could return late in the season; Will should have more on that in Black and Blue Report later this week.

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20 Sep 2005, 01:03pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Panthers over Patriots

One week after falling at home to the Saints, the Panthers win in a sloppy game over the Patriots. One loss should be no big deal, but what is wrong with Corey Dillon and how much can his struggles affect Tom Brady? The Panthers defense is improved by the law of averages, and they win the game thanks to their ability to score touchdowns instead of field goals.

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13 Sep 2005, 04:15pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Saints over Panthers

The Saints win over the Panthers was great for the city of New Orleans, but was it really just because the Saints were playing with emotion? Didn't the Saints just beat Carolina with a playoff bid on the line in the last week of the 2004 season? Ned Macey takes a look behind the easy storyline to see what is actually happening on the field. He finds a player with a propensity to turn the ball over, and a player who can be compared to Tom Brady. You may be surprised which quarterback is which.

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12 Sep 2005, 11:56am by Ned Macey

Javon Walker Injures Knee

Does Brett Favre have any thoughts on Walker's contract situation now?

UPDATE: As is mentioned in the comments and is now in the linked article, Walker is done for the year. Now Favre can back up his pre-season statements that they did not need Javon to win.

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25 Aug 2005, 10:15am by Ned Macey

Four Downs: AFC South

The Texans turn to a New Orleans castoff to solve their offensive line problems. The Colts are relying on Wolverines. The Jaguars' offense may be even worse than anyone thought. As for the Titans, Steve McNair may be back and Pacman is an interesting character. Here's the final edition of Four Downs for the AFC South.

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10 Aug 2005, 03:44pm by Ned Macey

Can the Super Bowl Loser's Curse Stop the Eagles?

The Eagles are projected to have the most wins in football by our projection system. Only one team that has lost the Super Bowl since 1998 has made the playoffs the next season. Ned Macey takes a look at what brought down those past Super Bowl losers to see if the same fate may befall the Eagles.

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