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21 Nov 2013, 12:44pm by Rivers McCown

On Momentum

Brian Burke takes an analytical approach to the question of momentum, comparing the usual performance level of teams to their performance in the drive after a supposedly momentum-swinging play.

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19 Nov 2013, 02:42pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Giants Are Still Pretenders

An improved defense bolstered by Jon Beason and an easy schedule can't mask passing-game problems that still haven't been fixed yet.

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18 Nov 2013, 04:03pm by Rivers McCown

Week 11 Injury Aftermath

A rundown of all Week 11's biggest injuries and their ramifications. (Click to read more.)

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18 Nov 2013, 01:46pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Sacred QB

PK riffs on the flag protection quarterbacks got in Week 11, discusses the results of said week, and looks at the Sam Hurd case.

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18 Nov 2013, 09:00am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 11

The Chiefs are who we thought they were, the Bears and Ravens battle in a funnel cloud, and Gary Kubiak benches Case Keenum for some reason.

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17 Nov 2013, 11:19am by Rivers McCown

Three-Cone Drill: Art of Baylor

Baylor pushes football to the extremes, Andrew Luck does even more for the Colts' DVOA than you might think, and weekly game capsules.

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14 Nov 2013, 02:30pm by Rivers McCown

Rivers McCown on Sports Radio 610

I did a radio spot with Seth Payne and Mike Meltzer that mainly focused on what the Texans should be looking for with Case Keenum, but there's plenty of general Texans discussion as well.

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14 Nov 2013, 02:28pm by Rivers McCown

Breaking Madden: Pat McAfee, Destroyer of Worlds

What happens when your virtual punter becomes your only weapon? Jon Bois went to the lab.

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12 Nov 2013, 02:24pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Jets Now a Playoff Favorite

The Jets are the odds-on favorite for the sixth playoff spot in the AFC. They're built on the same formula every Rex Ryan Jets team has been: defensive and special teams excellence, offensive inadequacy, and inconsistency.

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12 Nov 2013, 01:55pm by Rivers McCown

Texans Release Ed Reed; Jets Sign Ed Reed

Let this be a lesson: if you're an old safety that can't really play anymore, at least be an old safety that can't really play anymore that keeps his mouth shut.

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