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14 Oct 2013, 11:46am by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Brady, KC Defense

PK memorializes Tom Brady's comeback against the Saints, talks up the Chiefs defense, and tells the story of a panel trying to do better than the Rooney Rule.

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14 Oct 2013, 08:48am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 6

Tom Brady leads another comeback, the Cowboys turn back the Redskins, and Seattle's entire offense is Russell Wilson scrambles. Plus: FO on the road in Cleveland.

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13 Oct 2013, 10:19am by Rivers McCown

Three-Cone Drill: Day of Reckoning

Takeaways from PBS Frontline's "League of Denial," breaking down Matt Schaub's problems statistically, and Sunday game capsules.

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10 Oct 2013, 02:02pm by Rivers McCown

No Running Room for MoJo

Lance Zierlein busts out the early-season numbers from STATS ICE on offensive line play. Things aren't pretty in Jacksonville.

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09 Oct 2013, 12:26pm by Rivers McCown

Rob Ryan's Big Blitzes Key Defensive Revival

Doug Farrar, doing his usual all-22 things, looks at why the Saints defense has been able to key such a big turnaround this year behind Rob Ryan.

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08 Oct 2013, 03:07pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: These Colts Aren't Flukes

Indianapolis has taken giant steps forward on both offense and pass defense through five games. With Pep Hamilton in charge, the Andrew Luck-led offense has seen a big boost in third-down efficiency and run-game success. Robert Mathis probably won't wind up with 30 sacks this season though, so the pass defense is still more questionable than our ratings make them out to be.

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08 Oct 2013, 01:21pm by Rivers McCown

Julio Jones Reportedly Done For Season

Both the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and Jay Glazer are reporting that Falcons wideout Julio Jones will miss the rest of the season with a foot injury. The Falcons are expected to address this at a 2:30 ET press conference.

The regression fairy, she is not kind.

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07 Oct 2013, 02:07pm by Rivers McCown

Week 5 Injury Aftermath Thread

Luke Joeckel is done for the season and Thursday Night football takes its toll on the quarterback positions in Cleveland and Buffalo. (Click to read more.)

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07 Oct 2013, 10:23am by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Romo, Schaub, Monday Morning Football

PK recaps Sunday's madness, looks ahead to the quarterback market in next year's draft, and prepares you for League of Denial.

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07 Oct 2013, 09:49am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 5

Let's play four! The Raiders and Chargers keep us up late long after the Cowboys and Broncos decided that defense is optional. There was a game in between those two, but it was picked off and returned for a touchdown.

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