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06 Oct 2013, 11:13am by Rivers McCown

Three-Cone Drill: So You Want To Be A Writer

So you've decided to ruin your life. Plus: What is Eugene Monroe really worth? And, of course, Sunday game capsules.

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04 Oct 2013, 05:25pm by Rivers McCown

Giants Trade for Jon Beason

For an undisclosed "late-round" pick in 2014, you, too, could own a linebacker that couldn't beat out Chase Blackburn. The Giants could definitely use the help at linebacker, but it's an open question how much of it Beason will be able to provide at this point.

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03 Oct 2013, 02:16pm by Rivers McCown

Bucs Release Josh Freeman

No word on if he was fined on his way out the door yet.

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03 Oct 2013, 02:07pm by Rivers McCown

All-22: The State Of the Eagles’ Defense

Sheil Kapadia of phillymag.com analyzes the tape and talks to safety Earl Wolff about the Eagles defense against the Broncos. Wolff explains how sometimes defenders know ahead of time that in the current defense a certain route is guaranteed to be successful, and there's nothing they can do about it. There's also some analysis of the versatility of Trent Cole and the ineffectiveness of the Eagles' blitzes against Manning.

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03 Oct 2013, 02:05pm by Rivers McCown

The Broncos' Unknown Stud

Greg Bedard breaks down how MMQB has pass pressures and offensive lines ranked for and through Week 4, with a focus on Broncos lineman Malik Jackson.

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02 Oct 2013, 01:47pm by Rivers McCown

Steelers Send Conditional Pick to Arizona for Levi Brown

The Steelers have been looking for an elite left tackle for a long time ... and now they still are.

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01 Oct 2013, 01:31pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Future Bright for Browns

The Brian Hoyer experiment is likely to return mixed results, but so far the Mike Lombardi/Joe Banner plan has been executed to a T: the defense they worked on all offseason is dramatically improved, and they'll have two shots at a new franchise quarterback next April.

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30 Sep 2013, 01:04pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Manning, All-Pro Team

Peter King takes on the novel untouched ground that is Peyton Manning and thinks on the coming logjam for the Hall of Fame process. Andy Benoit's Quarterpoint All-Pro team discusses the best of the best through a month.

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30 Sep 2013, 09:26am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 4

Matt Schaub and Mike Glennon have a race for dumb interception supremacy, the Broncos continue to crush all in their path, and the Browns take the AFC North lead while tanking.

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29 Sep 2013, 10:28am by Rivers McCown

Three-Cone Drill: Bag Ladies

The NFL's bag policy is ridiculous, San Diego Chargers cornerback Johnny Patrick goes under the charting spotlight, and game capsules take on Sunday's action.

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