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31 Jul 2013, 03:50pm by Rivers McCown

FOA 2013 MEDIA: Green Bay

I talked to Adam Czech of ALLGBP.com about the state of the Packers heading into the season.

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30 Jul 2013, 10:52am by Rivers McCown

Playing the "What If?" Game

While nominally about all sports, Dr. James Andrews (and Mike Philbrick) looks at some of the more famous NFL careers ended by injury for Grantland: Gale Sayers and Johnny Unitas. What would have happened to them today?

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30 Jul 2013, 10:47am by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Overlooked Storylines

Same great MMQB taste, linked one day later!

I always struggle with the definition of "overlooked" when it comes to the NFL media. Can anything really be overlooked in a world where Leger Douzable has 300+ Google News stories?

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26 Jul 2013, 08:34am by Rivers McCown

Transaction Analysis: Running Backs

A look at the biggest offseason moves by running backs. Wait, this is still an NFL position?

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26 Jul 2013, 07:05am by Rivers McCown

Chip Kelly's Mystery Man

MMQB's Jenny Vrentas looks at what is known about Philadelphia's addition of biometric information under Chip Kelly.

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26 Jul 2013, 07:02am by Rivers McCown

Defending the Read-Option

Chris Brown's Grantland opus on the issues NFL teams face when it comes to the read-option.

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23 Jul 2013, 11:46am by Rivers McCown

Watt Happens: A Look At Tipped Passes

Putting J.J. Watt's pass deflections at the line into further context.

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23 Jul 2013, 11:30am by Rivers McCown

ESPN: 25-and-Under Organization Rankings

The battle for NFC West supremacy continues: did San Francisco or Seattle claim the top spot in our 25-and-under organization rankings? Meanwhile, Jacksonville and Oakland bring up the rear.

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22 Jul 2013, 12:36pm by Rivers McCown

NFL Trade Value, Part I

Bill Barnwell begins the latest installment of the NFL Trade Value column over at Grantland. I'm expecting to see a lot of last year's rookie quarterbacks in the top few spots.

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22 Jul 2013, 09:00am by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Dawn of a New Era

PK launches his new site today. Best of luck to him, as well as Andy Benoit and Doug Farrar, who will be part of the staff. (Not to mention friends of the program like Greg Bedard.)

Oh, right, and this spells out PK's training camp tour itinerary and has some thoughts on Hall of Fame week.

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