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06 Mar 2013, 09:20pm by Rivers McCown

The Matt Schaub Compendium

Steph Stradley writes a stat-packed review that explores the question: "Can the Texans win a Super Bowl with Matt Schaub at quarterback?"

Short answer: not if the one that appeared during the second half of the season shows up again in 2013.

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06 Mar 2013, 09:10pm by Rivers McCown

Joe Posnanski on Steve Sabol

Now working for NBC, Posnanski profiles Steve Sabol.

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06 Mar 2013, 09:08pm by Rivers McCown

Cosell's Take: You Say You Want a Revolution?

This article isn't explaining too much that we didn't already know, but it's great to see Greg plying his trade over at Shutdown Corner. How much of Cam Newton's "slump" this past year was him, and how much was play calling?

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26 Feb 2013, 11:07am by Rivers McCown

Four Downs: NFC North

The Bears and Vikings both need receiving help, while the Packers need to protect Aaron Rodgers and the Lions need to solidify their secondary.

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25 Feb 2013, 05:48pm by Rivers McCown

Pats, Brady Agree to Three-Year Extension

Per Peter King, Brady gets three years, $27 million, but a lot of his salary is fully guaranteed going forward. Well, you can't accuse him of not putting the team before himself. Or of having a bigger contract than Mark Sanchez.

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18 Feb 2013, 05:46pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Combine Time

This week Peter looks at who has the most at stake at the combine, talks about the future of Alex Smith, and sounds off on the lack of minority coaches.

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15 Feb 2013, 12:39pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Five Players That Should Be Franchised

Who should be franchised? Why, the people with the cheapest tags, naturally. And Joe Flacco.

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14 Feb 2013, 01:19pm by Rivers McCown

The Five People You Meet In Indy

Normally I just let Mike take care of linking his stuff here on his own, but this is one of my favorite things he has ever written. I'm not going to tell you why, because I can't talk about another site's writers.

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13 Feb 2013, 03:46pm by Rivers McCown

Quarterbacks By the Numbers

Gil Brandt has his own numerical measure for this year's college quarterback crop. It's sort of hard to tell how successful this formula is without any real background on it, but here's something to whet your appetite for the Lewin Career Forecast.

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11 Feb 2013, 05:02pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Flacco Extension Talks

This week's MMQB focuses on Joe Flacco's contract (and quarterback contracts in general), wonders what the Bengals will do with their enviable cap situation, and looks at Rob Ryan's history.

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