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06 Nov 2011, 01:59pm by Rivers McCown

SEC Officially Accepts Missouri

It's official: the SEC will hit 14 teams in 2012 after stealing Missouri from the Big 12. With this domino out of the way, the SEC should be done making moves for the time being. The Big 12 will probably look to move on by admitting West Virginia and/or Louisville.

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04 Nov 2011, 02:23am by Rivers McCown

The Week In Quotes: November 4, 2011

Philip Rivers tries to become the guy, Mike Nolan doesn't understand your media catch phrases, and Jim Harbaugh is undeniably creepy in this week's best quotes.

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02 Nov 2011, 12:28pm by Rivers McCown

Report: Big East Extends Six Invites

In this week's As the Conference Turns...

The Big East has reportedly finalized its invitations to the best of the rest, meeting yesterday to vote on sending them out to Houston, Boise State, SMU, Navy, Air Force, and Central Florida.

With how little of the actual Big East is still intact at this point, it is still unknown if this will be enough to keep their oft-criticized automatic BCS bid. On the bright side, the Big East now almost stretches to the Far East.

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31 Oct 2011, 10:15am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 8

Man-to-man coverage gives the Patriots fits in Pittsburgh, the Arizona Cardinals have no answer for Anquan Boldin, and the FO crew aims their wrath at a surge of poor officiating.

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29 Oct 2011, 03:38pm by Rivers McCown

Cowboys Cut Tashard Choice

Looks like we mark this one on the "Jerious Norwood" segment of our Top 25 Prospects list. With Tashard Choice hurt, and the team needing his roster spot to activate Bruce Carter, the Cowboys have elected to waive him. Choice was very effective as a change-of-pace back in 2008 and 2009, but struggled last season and had -58 rushing DYAR through Week 7, which places him below every running back not named Chris Johnson.

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28 Oct 2011, 05:35am by Rivers McCown

The Week In Quotes: October 28, 2011

Something reeks in Miami, but who dealt it? Was Carson Palmer any more successful at figuring out the Raiders PR playbook? That and more in this week's best quotes.

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27 Oct 2011, 12:58pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Can Titans Fix Their Running Game?

This is a larger question than just "what's wrong with Chris Johnson?," and we look at it a different way. What has happened in the past to teams whose offenses were as unbalanced as those of Tennessee and Minnesota?

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25 Oct 2011, 11:07am by Rivers McCown

Report: West Virginia 'Lined Up' to Leave for Big 12

On this week's edition of As the Conference Turns...

[BCS School located in undesirable conference] West Virginia has reportedly decided to leave [said undesirable conference] the Big East for the Big 12. This news will come as another blow to [The Big East] the Big East's hopes of keeping it's auto-qualifier status for the BCS.

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24 Oct 2011, 09:10am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 7

More Tim Tebow than you can shake a stick at, a check-in on the first start of the Christian Ponder era, and the Colts go to the glue factory.

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22 Oct 2011, 03:06pm by Rivers McCown

Olin Kreutz Quits Saints

Citing an acute case of "losing his passion for the game," Saints center Olin Kreutz has decided to leave New Orleans. He won't file retirement papers, but it seems like he has lost interest in playing. Having to play through an MCL sprain probably didn't help matters.

The Saints will turn to Brian De La Puente at center.

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