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03 Oct 2011, 09:46am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 4

Just what exactly does "giving yourself up" entail? Also, there is no way to actually cover Calvin Johnson, and we've all buried the Alex Smith comeback king narrative in this week's Audibles.

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30 Sep 2011, 05:37pm by Rivers McCown

All-Access: Hunkering Down with the Mountaineers

CBS college football columnist Bruce Feldman got a chance to embed himself deep within the West Virginia compound during their game preparation for LSU. The result: a thoroughly interesting read that is worth your time.

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30 Sep 2011, 10:50am by Rivers McCown

The Week In Quotes: September 30, 2011

Coachspeak takes over, as this week's best quotes are mostly from the men running the show. Plus, Michael Vick and Mike Periera debate how many times Vick should get hit before a flag appears.

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29 Sep 2011, 02:57pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: How Improved is the Texans' Defense?

A look at how Johnathan Joseph is impacting the Texans defense, what the 40 points scored by New Orleans means going forward, and where the real problem lies.

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26 Sep 2011, 08:32am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 3

Would you trade Reggie Bush for a pizza? Just how good has Matt Hasselbeck been in Tennessee? That and five academic research papers we never want to see again in this week's Audibles.

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23 Sep 2011, 09:09am by Rivers McCown

The Week In Quotes: September 23, 2011

Perry Fewell can neither confirm nor deny that he teaches his players to fake injuries, but we can confirm that his quote about it was one of this week's best.

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20 Sep 2011, 04:36pm by Rivers McCown

Ravens Give Long-Term Deal to Ngata

After franchising him in the offseason, the Ravens came to an agreement with Haloti Ngata on a long-term contract today, on the deadline for franchise players to sign extensions. The total value of the deal is said to be $61 million over five years. Only two franchise players didn't sign an extension: Vincent Jackson and Paul Soliai.

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19 Sep 2011, 02:55am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 2

Cam Newton gets a look under a wider magnifying glass, Jim Harbaugh doesn't need your lousy near-red zone possessions, and the FO staffers bicker about roughing the passer rules. All this and Luke McCown in this week's Audibles.

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17 Sep 2011, 11:00am by Rivers McCown

Pittsburgh and Syracuse "Likely Gone" to ACC

According to CBSSports.com, the wheel of college football realignment has spread to the east coast. Pittsburgh and Syracuse have submitted applications to leave the Big East for the ACC, and both are expected to be admitted.

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17 Sep 2011, 10:57am by Rivers McCown

Brandon Flowers Signs Extension with Chiefs

Somebody told me (it was the Kansas City Star, actually) that the Chiefs and cornerback Brandon Flowers agreed to a new contract last night. According to the paper, the contract is worth $50 million over five years, with $22 million in guarantees.

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