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26 Jan 2017, 11:25am by Robert Weintraub

Rob Weintraub's SEC Alumni Trophies

Rob Weintraub picks the best NFL player from each SEC school for each of the past five years. (Click to read more.)

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15 Jan 2014, 03:32pm by Robert Weintraub

Failing Upward

Our Robert Weintraub examines how not being good at coaching became the new prerequisite to landing a college coordinator job over at Sports On Earth.

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26 Dec 2013, 04:19pm by Robert Weintraub

School Pride

Just who is the best NFL player from each major college program? Our Robert Weintraub attempts to figure it out over at Sports On Earth.

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08 May 2013, 01:27pm by Robert Weintraub

Four Downs: AFC North

Looking around the AFC North: The Ravens need receivers, the Bengals need help in the middle of the defense, and the Steelers need offensive line depth, just like always.

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28 Dec 2012, 07:33pm by Robert Weintraub

Bears-Lions Preview at ChicagoSide Sports

It boils down to a must-win in week 17 for the Bears. Can they best the Lions to put themselves in a position to make the playoffs? Robert Weintraub breaks it down at ChicagoSide Sports.

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07 Dec 2012, 02:55pm by Robert Weintraub

Bears-Vikings Preview at ChicagoSide Sports

Adrian Peterson is unstoppable, but can the rest of the Vikings raise their game to defeat a banged-up division rival from Chicago? Robert Weintraub breaks it down at ChicagoSide Sports.

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01 Dec 2012, 02:22pm by Robert Weintraub

Bears-Seahawks Breakdown

The Seahawks have fewer wins, but actually rank ahead of the Bears in DVOA. Check out the rest of the breakdown at ChicagoSide Sports.

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19 Nov 2012, 06:26pm by Robert Weintraub

Bears Breakdown Week 11

I've been writing weekly previews for a Chicago site giving FO-style previews of each Bears game. Here's the article for tonight's bout with the 49ers.

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29 Aug 2012, 04:22pm by Robert Weintraub

Should Running Backs Get to Turn Pro out of High School?

Robert Weintraub argues for the draft eligibility rule to be amended over at Slate.

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10 Jan 2012, 09:10am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Bama Beatdown

A retrospective of the decisive BCS Championship game, where Alabama redeemed itself.

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