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13 Sep 2010, 12:01pm by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Rivalry Refreshed

Robert Weintraub's look at the second week of college football examines how a classic rivalry will take on a new look thanks to dynamic quarterback play and why Alabama looks like the best team in the nation.

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06 Sep 2010, 11:37am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Opening Weekend

In the season premiere of OFI, Robert Weintraub breaks down the first weekend of college football, including his trip to the Kickoff Classic in Atlanta.

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17 Feb 2010, 03:42pm by Robert Weintraub

Four Downs: AFC North

In this AFC North season review: The Steelers threw too much, the Bengals didn't throw enough; the Ravens' defense showed signs of age, and the Browns showed signs of life -- barely -- by the end of the season.

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08 Jan 2010, 01:12am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Texas Toast

McCoy makes an early exit with a shoulder injury, and Alabama holds off a fourth-quarter comeback to win.

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07 Dec 2009, 12:42pm by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Championships Past and Heisman Futures

The SEC Championship turned out to be a mismatch, but the rest of the weekend was a bit better. Robert Weintraub reviews the games and gives out his postseason hardware.

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30 Nov 2009, 11:57am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Intrastate Rivals

Georgia's win over Georgia Tech highlighted a weekend full of hotly contested in-state rivalries, writes Robert Weintraub in this weekend's college football recap.

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23 Nov 2009, 11:27am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Les Miles' Missteps

The jaw dropping finish of LSU-Ole Miss featured just one of the many odd coaching decisions this weekend. Robert Weintraub examines these and more in this week's column.

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16 Nov 2009, 11:25am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: Begging for a Big Game

Just when it looked like South Carolina would defeat Florida, Robert Weintraub discovered something unusual -- he was rooting for Florida. Find out why in this week's OFI.

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09 Nov 2009, 11:03am by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: A Few Football Maxims

Robert Weintraub breaks down all the college football action from this weekend, including a very physical Saban Bowl and tough losses for Wake Forest and Tulsa.

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02 Nov 2009, 01:25pm by Robert Weintraub

One Foot Inbounds: The Kelly Gang

After replacing successful coaches, Brian Kelly and and Chip Kelly have brought Cincinnati and Oregon to the forefront of college football. Robert Weintraub takes you through both teams' BCS runs and reviews the Saturday action.

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