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07 Sep 2005, 09:44am by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Irish Rising

After an extended college football weekend, Russell checks in with his thoughts on Charlie Weis's Notre Dame debut and next week's two huge games in the latest edition of Confessions of a Football Junkie. Plus, the Mike Martz Award and his Week One BlogPoll ballot.

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31 Aug 2005, 09:58pm by Russell Levine

Four Downs: NFC South

There are more important issues in New Orleans, but this is a football site, so we talk football. In the final edition of Four Downs for the NFC South, Russell has the scoop on the homeless Saints and the latest news from their division foes.

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29 Aug 2005, 03:46pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: The Lights Go On

Russell Levine brings us his NCAA football season preview, featuring a conference-by-conference look at the power leagues, plus coaches on the move, the latest changes to the BCS, players and games of the year, and much more.

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28 Aug 2005, 05:46pm by Russell Levine

Orton Named Bears Starting QB

In a move that should surprise noone, the Bears have named rookie Kyle Orton their starting QB for the regular season. Chad Hutchinson, who was starting in place of the injured Rex Grossman, has fallen complete off the depth chart, behind Orton, Jeff Blake, and Kurt Kittner, making him a likely candidate for a visit by the "turk" this week.

(Aaron adds 10:30pm: As long as we're talking Chicago Bears, Cedric Benson finally ended his holdout tonight.)

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21 Aug 2005, 11:41pm by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: That Time Already?

It seems the impending college football season has caught Russell off guard. In the first edition of Confessions of a Football Junkie of the new season, he ponders the loaded Big 10, road trip weekends, and reveals his pre-season ballot in the inaugural BlogPoll.

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21 Aug 2005, 11:28am by Russell Levine

49ers Lineman Collapses, Dies After Game

Sports stories often throw around terms like "heroic," "courageous," and "tragic," seldom with true cause. Saturday's 49ers-Broncos game was overshadowed by a true tragedy, however, as San Francisco first-year offensive lineman Thomas Herrion, 23, collapsed and died following the game in Denver. The cause of his death his unknown.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Herrion family.

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06 Jul 2005, 02:14pm by Russell Levine

Steeler Fan Celebrates 'Final Home Game'

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has this (depending on your perspective) amusing/touching/sick story of the funeral service for Steelers fan James Henry Smith, who was laid out lying in a recliner, a pack of cigarettes and a beer by his side, a Steelers blanket across his lap, and Steelers higlights playing on an HDTV nearby.

I've heard of sports-themed weddings, and even attended one at a Mets game a few years back, but never a sports-themed funeral service.

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28 Jun 2005, 01:34pm by Russell Levine

Four Downs: NFC South

Are the Falcons' passing-game woes all Michael Vick's fault? Even Russell doesn't think so, but he still might end up hiding in a bunker (along with the makers of Midway's new football video game) after Pro Football Prospectus 2005 comes out. The latest edition of Four Downs also looks at Carolina's punter-for-punter trade, Tampa Bay's offensive line situation, and the newest receiver in New Orleans.

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17 May 2005, 11:01am by Russell Levine

Four Downs: NFC South

In this post-draft edition of Four Downs, Russell Levine runs down the selections and free agent signings in the NFC South, where the Falcons are making like the Lions, the Panthers are thinking ahead, the Saints just don't get it, and the Buccaneers find players cheaper by the dozen.

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22 Apr 2005, 11:13am by Russell Levine

NFL Draft Overrated/Underrated Prospects

Hat tip to reader Trogdor for this one. SI.com's Stewart Mandel checks in with his annual look at the overrated/underrated prospects in the NFL Draft. Mandel attempts to sort out this year's "workout wonders" who don't have the on-field production to back up their draft status from the guys who were studs in college but may be a touch small, weak, or slow.

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