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20 Sep 2017, 02:59pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 3 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 3 DFS matchups include Matthew Stafford, Carlos Hyde, Martavis Bryant, and Jason Witten. We're also fading Cam Newton's salary as he takes on the Saints without Greg Olsen.

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19 Sep 2017, 04:00pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 2

Kansas City headlines another sloppy offensive week book-ended by prime-time duds from the Giants and Bengals. Also: full-scale NFC West drama, more Chargering in L.A., and what's happened to Riverboat Ron?

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13 Sep 2017, 04:25pm by Scott Kacsmar

Do Great Week 1 QBs Sustain Their Greatness?

The top three quarterbacks in DYAR are Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, and Jared Goff. Is this trio finally living up to their status as first overall draft picks, or is this just Week 1 randomness? We looked at how often a hot Week 1 quarterback sustains his success all year long.

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13 Sep 2017, 02:31pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 2 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 2 DFS matchups include Tom Brady bouncing back with Rob Gronkowski and Brandin Cooks, and what should be a better week for Carson Palmer, Julio Jones, and Jimmy Graham.

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13 Sep 2017, 02:10pm by Scott Kacsmar

Steve Smith (No, the Other One) Nominated for the Hall of Fame

The preliminary list of 108 names eligible for the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame class was released on Tuesday evening. The list includes Steve Smith... of the Giants. (Click to read more.)

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12 Sep 2017, 03:21pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 1

Well that wasn't very competitive. At least the Chargers and Falcons gave us some more of their 2016 drama, but with better results for last season's runner-up. Also: Packers' home edge, Detroit does it again, and a bad day for Kirk Cousins.

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08 Sep 2017, 03:47pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: KC-NE

Kansas City turns the 2017 season upside down with one of the more extarordinary wins for any team in New England since 2001. Were the Chiefs just uniquely qualified to beat New England, or are there bigger problems ahead?

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07 Sep 2017, 03:56pm by Scott Kacsmar

Scott Kacsmar's 2017 NFL Predictions

Scott Kacsmar makes his lengthy predictions for the 2017 NFL season.

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07 Sep 2017, 02:07am by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 1 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite matchups for DFS in Week 1 include Cam Newton, Todd Gurley, Amari Cooper, and Zach Ertz. We're also taking a walk on the wild side with Jared Goff against an Indianapolis defense that had 2016's worst pass rush and will not have Vontae Davis available on Sunday.

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05 Sep 2017, 11:43am by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Weakest Depth at Each Position Group

Every NFL team would falter if the starting quarterback was injured. But which teams are most vulnerable if they suffer serious injuries at the other spots?

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