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02 Jan 2008, 03:18pm by Sean McCormick

Ryan Lands On Feet, Takes Job With Jets

ESPN is reporting that Oakland defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will be accepting the same position with the New York Jets, replacing Bob Sutton. It's a logical fit, as Ryan was Eric Mangini's first choice two years ago, but Al Davis refused to let Ryan leave. There is also a bit of a family tie-in, as Rob's father Buddy was on the defensive staff of Weeb Ewbank's Super Bowl winning club.

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31 Dec 2007, 02:09pm by Sean McCormick

First Head To Roll Belongs To Mueller

The Miami Herald is reporting that Bill Parcells has fired GM Randy Mueller. Parcells is scheduled to meet with head coach Cam Cameron tomorrow, when he will find out whether or not he needs to dust off his resume.

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18 Dec 2007, 03:50pm by Sean McCormick

There's No School Like The Old School For Giants

Newsday's Bob Glauber takes a hard look at the playcalling during Sunday night's Redskins-Giants game and suggests that Kevin Gilbride could learn a little something from Bill Parcells. You think?

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07 Dec 2007, 03:02pm by Sean McCormick

Two Men Enter, No Men Leave

Last night's Bears-Redskins tilt figured to end the playoff hopes of one team, but instead it ended them for both, as starters Rex Grossman and Jason Campbell were knocked out with what look to be season-ending injuries that will cast a shadow beyond this season. Will the Bears bring back Rex Grossman after another wildly inconsistent year and another major injury? Will Joe Gibbs decide to retire after missing the playoffs yet again?

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03 Dec 2007, 05:56pm by Sean McCormick

Strategic Keys To Week 13

CNNSI's Bucky Brooks gives Tavaris Jackson some props, gives Norv Turner the benefit of the doubt and examines how Dallas was able to get Terrell Owens free against Green Bay's secondary.

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26 Nov 2007, 03:53pm by Sean McCormick

Scout's Take On Week 12

Do. Not. Kick. To. Devin. Hester. How's that for a strategy?

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19 Nov 2007, 02:49pm by Sean McCormick

Freeing Up T.O.

CNNSI's Bucky Brooks looks at the strategies that were successful in Week 11, starting with the Cowboys attacking the Redskins 2-Deep zone with Terrell Owens in the seams. When you can get Owens in the middle of the field matched up against a linebacker with no safety help, you're going to score a lot of points.

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16 Nov 2007, 03:43pm by Sean McCormick

Time to Go to Beck?

The Dolphins are making a quarterback change, turning the reins of the franchise over to a young player, just like the Jets and Bills have already done. How do teams perform when switching passers, and how do those new quarterbacks look the next year? Sean McCormick looks at those questions, and also look at which team needs to make a quarterback change to save their season.

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13 Nov 2007, 03:54pm by Sean McCormick

Seahawks Follow Suit In NFC, Ride The Pass To Victory

In his recap of the Monday night game, ESPN's John Clayton notes the growing trend of NFC teams abandoning the run to a nearly unprecedented degree. New Orleans, Detroit and Green Bay all throw nearly two passes for every rush attempt. With Shaun Alexander doing nothing, it seems likely that Seattle will join that group over the second half of the season.

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12 Nov 2007, 03:19pm by Sean McCormick

Colts Lose More Than A Game In San Diego

It's hard to tell how much was a hangover from the Game of the Century and how much was the result of a sudden cascade of injuries, but the Colts looked terrible in the first half against San Diego. Peyton Manning threw four interceptions and the special teams allowed two return touchdowns, as San Diego built a 23-0 lead. The Colts came storming back to score 21 straight points, and were in position to pull out the win when Adam Vinatieri honked an easy field goal, thus putting an end to the rally.

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