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15 Oct 2007, 01:43pm by Sean McCormick

The Rams Are Who We Thought They Were

Only more so. Discuss.

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15 Oct 2007, 01:39pm by Sean McCormick

This Week's Game Of The Century Means More Than Last Week's

Before the season started, we projected Jacksonville to be one of the best teams in the league. Then Jack Del Rio took a tomahawk to his starting quarterback, the run defense was shredded by Tennessee and everyone in Jacksonville promptly stopped going to the games. Four straight wins later and the Jags are looking very much like an elite team, and they head into a Monday night showdown against Indy that neither team can afford to lose if they want to keep up with New England in the race for homefield. Oh, and David Garrard is playing lights-out. You got us on that one, Jack.

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15 Oct 2007, 01:33pm by Sean McCormick

Gonzalez Breaks Record In Non-Meaningless Fashion

Congratulations, Tony. No one ever doubted that he would break the all-time record for touchdowns by a tight end. On the other hand, a great many people doubted that it would mean anything significant when he did so. But Gonzalez's 3-yard touchdown catch from Damon Huard proved to be the difference in Kansas City's 27-20 win over the Bengals, a win which moved the Chiefs to 3-3 and a statistical tie atop the AFC West. How many Hard Knocks viewers saw that coming?

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08 Oct 2007, 01:29pm by Sean McCormick

Alge Crumpler Knows Bad Offense When He Sees It

Bobby Petrino's Louisville offenses were consistently among the best in college football. His pro offense? Not so much. Against Tennessee, Petrino benched an ineffective Joey Harrington for the recently-signed Byron Leftwich, but the results were much the same. Four of the last five Atlanta possessions started in Tennessee territory and netted zero points, leaving tight end Alge Crumpler to publicly question Petrino's playcalling. It may be time for Bill Simmons to pack away his Ewing Theory for the year.

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08 Oct 2007, 11:48am by Sean McCormick

Leinart's Broken Collarbone Ends QB Rotation

Ken Wisenhunt was doing something really interesting in Arizona with his quarterback platoon, but it looks to be coming to an end, as Matt Leinart fractured his left collarbone during the Cardinals' 34-31 victory over St. Louis. The good news for Cardinals fans is that Kurt Warner was the more effective quarterback of the two, and was arguably playing well enough to deserve the starting job outright. The bad news is that Kurt Warner is thirty-six years old and might well break down under the increased workload.

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25 Sep 2007, 02:46am by Sean McCormick

Deuce McAllister Tears ACL, Done For Season

And the news keeps getting worse down in New Orleans. ESPN is reporting that Deuce McAllister suffered an ACL tear during the Saints' 31-14 loss to Tennessee. This could mean an increased workload for Reggie Bush, but it's just as likely to translate into additional carries for Aaron Stecker. Saints fans may officially start panicking.

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12 Aug 2007, 10:45pm by Sean McCormick

FO Review: All-Pro Football 2K8

Franchise mode? We don't need no stinkin' franchise mode! Sean McCormick takes a look at 2KSports' return to football video games and finds that for all its limitations, it offers the best on-field gameplay he's ever seen.

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