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07 Oct 2016, 12:47pm by Sterling Xie

ESPN: Can Atlanta's Offense Avoid Repeat of 2015 Collapse?

Just like last season, the Falcons are off to a hot start behind an explosive offense. But will this year's team avoid a repeat of their 2015 collapse?

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04 Oct 2016, 11:36am by Sterling Xie

Any Given Sunday: Falcons Over Panthers

For the second year in a row, the Falcons take down the Panthers in the Georgia Dome. Is it time to believe in the opening month trends from each team?

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27 Sep 2016, 10:26am by Sterling Xie

Any Given Sunday: Eagles Over Steelers

The Eagles' standing at the top of the DVOA rankings looks a lot less fluky after their stunning domination of the Steelers.

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20 Sep 2016, 11:57am by Sterling Xie

Any Given Sunday: Rams Over Seahawks

The more things change, the more they stay the same when the Rams and Seahawks face off.

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12 Sep 2016, 09:30pm by Sterling Xie

Any Given Sunday: Patriots Over Cardinals

The Patriots make a rare appearance in AGS as the victors. Meanwhile, the Cardinals' home loss was even more rare than you think.

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03 Sep 2016, 11:12am by Sterling Xie

Eagles Trade Sam Bradford to Vikings

In a move completely out of left field, the Eagles have reportedly traded Sam Bradford to the recently quarterback-needy Vikings for a 2017 first-round pick and 2018 fourth-round pick. The move was first reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter.

It certainly seems like a hefty price tag to pay for Bradford, who has never posted an above-average and healthy season (at least if you put stock in DVOA, and if you're reading this, you surely do). This is especially true given that Bradford is ostensibly a one-year rental. However, given the structural damage Teddy Bridgewater suffered in addition to his torn ACL, perhaps the Vikings also see Bradford as insurance for 2017. Philadelphia has already paid out the entirety of Bradford's $11 million signing bonus, but Minnesota would still be on the hook for a $17 million cap hit if they keep Bradford through next season, per Spotrac. At the very least, if Bradford is competent, it's easy to imagine Rick Spielman picking up the quarterback's $4 million option in March.

Meanwhile, the Eagles somehow recouped more than they gave up for Bradford in the first place. Howie Roseman has now mostly restocked what Philly lost from its draft cupboard in trading up for Carson Wentz, who is now a step closer to taking the reins under center for good.

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08 Jul 2016, 11:26am by Sterling Xie

2015 Play-Action Defense

The Broncos weren't just the best defense in the NFL -- they also may have been the best play-action defense we've ever measured.

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05 Jul 2016, 01:09pm by Sterling Xie

2015 Play-Action Offense

Tyrod Taylor and the Bills led the way in play-action offense last year, but Jameis Winston and the Bucs were the ones who made some history.

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24 May 2016, 05:03am by Sterling Xie

Four Downs: NFC South

Our offseason Four Downs series continues with a division-by-division look at each team's biggest remaining holes and their most notable UDFA signings. Does anyone in the NFC South have any pass rushers? Well, the Bucs might, but they still need more players to catch the ball.

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18 May 2016, 11:41am by Sterling Xie

Four Downs: NFC East

With the draft done, three NFC East teams still need help in the trenches, while the outlook for Philadelphia's cornerbacks is grim.

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