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27 Sep 2007, 05:07pm by Stuart Fraser

Turns Out He's A Superstar After All

FO's predictions about Randy Moss (and Wes Welker) have turned out to be well wide of the mark in the first three weeks of the season. Why? (Click on the link to read more.)

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19 Sep 2007, 09:43am by Stuart Fraser

Willie Parker and the Curse of 370

Suddenly, everybody seems concerned about running back workloads -- except for Mike Tomlin, who promises (threatens?) to "ride Willie until the wheels come off". The "Curse of 370" (and RB overuse in general) seems to be the first FO theory to approach the ranks of conventional wisdom. It's early to be speculating about this season's potential victims, but that didn't stop the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette from asking Mike Tomlin about Willie Parker's workload.

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06 Sep 2007, 08:44pm by Stuart Fraser

Indianapolis and Shootouts

Thursday's regular season opener matches two high-flying offenses and two questionable defenses -- the classic ingredients of a shootout. Indianapolis have an enviable record in high-scoring games, but is there a chink in their armor? (Click link to read more.)

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06 Aug 2007, 07:36pm by Stuart Fraser

Mike Minter to Retire on Tuesday?

Panthers Math: Chris Harris + Mike Minter's retirement = Nate Salley still starting at free safety. This might be what we refer to as a "weakness."

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