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06 Aug 2006, 03:21pm by Tim Gerheim

Steelers Tackle Arrested After Motorcycle Chase

Samuel Johnson once said patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel. He couldn't have known it in 1775, but he was wrong. Apparently it's the AFC North. Bill Cowher must wake up in a cold sweat a couple nights a week, tormented by that recurring dream in which his whole team is rent asunder by a demonic motorcycle.

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13 Jul 2006, 12:38pm by Tim Gerheim

FO Ranks All 32 Teams on FOX: Running Backs

We continue our unit-by-unit ranking of all 32 NFL teams with a look at the running back position. The top two teams will surprise nobody, but the third could spur some debate. Good information in here from the FO game charting project regarding which teams use their fullbacks most in the running game.

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28 Feb 2006, 11:58am by Tim Gerheim

Final Capped Year

We all hope the NFL and NFLPA will get a new collective bargaining agreement worked out before their Friday deadline. But just in case they don't, Tim Gerheim is here to give you an overview of the reasons why this will be the ugliest summer ever for teams, players, and their agents.

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10 Jan 2006, 04:02am by Tim Gerheim

Bush or Young?

FOX wanted an article on whether Houston should take Vince Young with the first overall pick. FO just happens to have a staffer who hails from Houston and is a Texans fan, and goes to The University of Texas and is a Longhorns fan.

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17 Oct 2005, 09:15pm by Tim Gerheim

Hamlin Hospitalized After Nightclub Fight

This one sounds heinous. Hopefully he'll be OK, but it sounds like Hamlin could miss the rest of the season. (That's purely speculation on my part.) Usually when you read one of these stories, you assume that the player has misbehaved, to say the least. It doesn't sound like Hamlin did anything wrong, aside maybe from being short-tempered. That makes me feel a lot worse for him.

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