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07 Oct 2008, 01:59pm by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: October 7, 2008

Will Carroll asks if more can be done to protect players from each other in today's game, then has bad news for Chargers, Seahawks and Eagles fans.

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30 Sep 2008, 04:15pm by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: September 30, 2008

Injury expert Will Carroll is back with updates on the conditions of Carson Palmer, LaDainian Tomlinson, Aaron Rodgers and others.

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23 Sep 2008, 03:04pm by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: September 23, 2008

Will Carroll has the latest on running backs with turf toe, injured stars in Philadelphia, and the spinal cord injury suffered by Ravens safety Dawan Landry.

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16 Sep 2008, 01:57pm by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: September 16, 2008

Will Carroll has an update on some of the biggest injury stories in the NFL, including a former MVP and his bad toe.

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09 Sep 2008, 01:48pm by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: September 9, 2008

Injury expert Will Carroll returns to Football Outsiders with a look at the knees of the NFL's best quarterbacks, the toe of its top rusher, and the total carnage in the Seattle offense.

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24 Apr 2008, 09:58am by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Draft Issues

As the biggest football weekend of the spring approaches, sports injury expert Will Carroll takes a look at some of the most highly-rated prospects and the risks their injuries pose to NFL squads.

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11 Jan 2008, 01:05pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Divisional Round

Will Carroll is back to look at the divisional round of playoff games. How did the week off help this week's home teams? Which superstar may play this weekend after all? When injured Green Bay cornerbacks cover injured Seattle receivers, is it like football in slow motion?

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04 Jan 2008, 12:51pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Wild Card Round

Vince Young's quad, Najeh Davenport's ankle... Who will fill you in with the latest info on these important playoff injuries? We will! Football Outsiders is proud to bring Will Carroll's Black and Blue Report back to its original home for a special postseason run.

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07 Sep 2007, 09:58am by Will Carroll

Injury Report/Potential RB Busts

Will Carroll, SI.com's Fantasy/Injury Expert and longtime friend to FO, is ready for the season with his weekly column. In Will's own words: "While we've done this for the preseason, we'll get down to the nitty-gritty now. I'll tell you what's going on with injuries and the moves you'll need to consider on Thursday, then check back in with you on Sunday morning, here and as part of the NBCSports.com Sunday Morning Fantasy show, to make sure you have the latest news on all the injuries around the league before you set your lineups. That's how we roll this year, so let's get to it."

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01 Sep 2007, 12:17pm by Will Carroll

Assessing Each Team's Health Issues

Will Carroll takes a look at the potential injury issues for each NFL team. This was published on August 30 -- before the final preseason games, Marcus Tubbs' (seemingly inevitable) knee injury and the remarkably ill-timed release of Byron Leftwich, but there's still a lot of good info for those of us heading into the Fantasy Draft Weekend from Hell.

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