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23 Aug 2007, 10:42pm by Will Carroll

Will Carroll Injury Report

According to Will: Frank Gore's hand really should not concern you, but Mark Clayton's ankle should. Plus: Is Randy Moss actually Ken Griffey Jr. in disguise?

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03 Aug 2007, 06:24pm by Will Carroll

Early Camp Injuries

The early injuries are in, and Will Carroll has the analysis. He's more pessimistic about Frank Gore than the rest of the FO writers, and also has worries about Clinton Portis and Willie Parker. Terry Glenn? Not so much.

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26 Jul 2007, 06:56pm by Will Carroll

The Hurting

I'm proud to announce that this year's version of my injury reports will be at SI.com. When Aaron Schatz asked me to write for Football Outsiders a couple years ago, neither of us thought this would be more than a lark. Instead, it's grown into something amazing. It started here and I'm glad to be just a small part of this group. I hope everyone will read the column again this year, the third of its nomadic existence, and discuss here at FO!

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14 Jun 2006, 12:55pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Special: Big Ben's Bad Break

Will Carroll gives his short take on the Ben Roethlisberger injury.

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12 Jan 2006, 12:14pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Playoffs Week 2

Will Carroll brings you health updates on all eight remaining playoff teams. Washington is completely banged up, the Seahawks are so healthy they still have that new car smell, and the other six teams are somewhere in between. Plus, updates on Carson Palmer and Drew Brees.

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04 Jan 2006, 06:11pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Wild Card Report

We're down to 12 teams, but that doesn't mean fewer injuries, because the injuries on those 12 teams become even more important. Will Carroll looks at the medical situation for the eight teams playing this weekend, plus Drew Brees and Cedric Benson.

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28 Dec 2005, 12:22pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Week 17

Without Tedy Bruschi, the Patriots might not go far in the playoffs. The same goes for the Bengals and Deltha O'Neal. And the Redskins may not even be in the playoffs without Mark Brunell. Will Carroll has medical updates on these players and others in this week's Black and Blue Report.

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21 Dec 2005, 01:23pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Week 16

With the perfect season gone, the Colts focus on the playoffs, and that means getting their players healthy -- a lot of players. Will Carroll has details on that plus other important players still trying to get into the postseason, including Marco Rivera, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Chris Simms. Plus, the Jaguars admit that Byron Leftwich may be back next week, as first reported here.

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14 Dec 2005, 01:47pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Week 15

Peyton Manning, more hurt than people realize? Byron Leftwich, less hurt than people realize? Those questions explored along with a number of injuries in Washington and a requiem for Curtis Martin in this week's Black and Blue Report.

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30 Nov 2005, 03:52pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: Week 13

Corey Dillon, Byron Leftwich, and Brandon Jones all appear in this week's Black and Blue Report. So does Hunter Smith. Is Indy's punter injured? No, we're talking about Indy's oft-ignored -- and very successful -- head athletic trainer.

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