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15 Oct 2007, 05:56am by admin

Audibles at the Line: Week 6

This week's Audibles features Mike Holmgren losing his grip, the Patriots smacking down another opponent, Jeff Garcia's continued redemption, and Adrian Peterson gaining a nickname you probably wouldn't want to slap on a T-shirt.

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08 Oct 2007, 10:15am by admin

Audibles at the Line: Week 5

Week 5: The Seahawks go for the full faceplant in a "Super Bowl rematch," the Bears enjoy another prime-time comeback, and the Bucs learn that zone coverage doesn't work against Peyton Manning. And wait -- are the Cardinals and Raiders really leading their divisions?

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01 Oct 2007, 10:57am by admin

Audibles at the Line: Week 4

Brian Griese proves that backups should generally be backups; the Cardinals continue their quarterback go-round; the Rams and Norv Turner compete to see who can hit bottom first; and Justin Smiley fights Winston Justice for the Keep Choppin' Wood award.

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24 Sep 2007, 10:22am by admin

Audibles at the Line: Week 3

Rex Grossman may have tested the limits once too often, Donovan McNabb eludes the Curse of the "halfro," Leslie Feist drives Aaron to distraction, the Rams' offense just falls apart, and Herm Edwards needs to turn on the Google.

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21 Sep 2007, 03:38pm by admin

Review: Madden 08

If you're reading this, it's virtually guaranteed that you've played the Madden franchise video games at some point in your life. Die-hard Madden fans have already bought this year's version. If you are still on the fence, Bill Moore (Xbox 360) and Aaron Schatz (PS2) tell you what's right and wrong this year. For those already playing, we have some thoughts on tweaking player ratings to better fit what we've learned at Football Outsiders.

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10 Sep 2007, 11:10am by admin

Audibles at the Line: Week 1

More FO writers means more FO audibles: Jason David gets a burn notice, Jason Elam shows his sprinter's speed, the Seahawks turn the corner after a sloppy start, LaDainian Tomlinson exceeds his KUBIAK projection in Week 1, and Bill Barnwell generates further ire among Giants fans.

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06 Sep 2007, 11:50am by admin

2007 Staff Predictions

The FO staff gives its predictions on the 2007 season, guaranteed to be wrong in one way or another for every single staff member. But, hey, we're a football site, and the season's starting, so it's prediction time.

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30 Aug 2007, 12:17am by admin

Game Review: NCAA 08

Madden, Madden, Madden. Is there nothing else? Madden junkie Will Carroll gets re-introduced to the college game by reviewing NCAA 08 for the Xbox 360, while Aaron Schatz plays NCAA 08 for the PS2 to find out if there's any life left in the old-generation version.

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27 Aug 2007, 10:42am by admin

Preseason Audibles: Week 3

Heath Evans goes wild, the Brian Leonard bandwagon picks up new passengers, Professor Kitna gets his comeuppance, Kevin Kolb and Brett Favre have something in common, and the inaugural entry in the First Annual Raiderjoe Essay Contest!

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20 Aug 2007, 11:58am by admin

Preseason Audibles: Week 2

The FO crew is back, sharing thoughts on the latest round of preseason contests. Topics include a candidate for the next victim of the Curse of 370, some really terrible blocking around the league, the best and worst rookies so far, and stupid things said on televisions across America.

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