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03 Dec 2004, 11:30am by admin

FO at TNR: Blown Call

By focusing on Ty Willingham's dismissal, critics are distracting attention from the real racial scandal in college football -- which takes place not when coaches are fired, but rather when they are hired in the first place. Russell Levine and Aaron Schatz co-wrote this latest Football Outsiders contribution to America's best political journal, The New Republic. Thanks to TNR for the subcription-free link for FO readers.

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17 Nov 2004, 11:20pm by admin

Football Outsiders Interview: Will Carroll

Will Carroll from Baseball Prospectus is back to walk us through the wonderful world of breaks and sprains. The Internet's top expert on baseball injuries applies his knowledge to the NFL to discuss a number of players whose injuries affect the playoff picture. Come learn more about Steve McNair's sternum, Chad Pennington's rotator cuff, Ty Law's broken foot, and that wacky leg muscle that has both Randy Moss and Jonathan Ogden hamstrung.

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28 Oct 2004, 04:17pm by admin

The Owens Effect

Did you expect Terrell Owens to have such a dramatic effect on the Philadelphia offense? You shouldn't have. It turns out that the improvement in Philadelphia is unprecendented when compared to other recent situations where a star receiver changed teams. And a closer look at Donovan McNabb's numbers shows that the improvement is almost entirely driven by Owens. Michael David Smith and Aaron Schatz investigate in an expanded version of an article previously available in the New York Sun.

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20 Oct 2004, 06:53pm by admin

While We Were Out, Everyone Traded Wide Receivers

I figured I should provide a place to discuss all the wacky wide receiver trading that went on while we were struggling to figure out where the right server backup had gone. Keenan McCardell is now a Charger, Jerry Rice a Seahawk, Quincy Morgan a Cowboy, and Antonio Bryant a Brown. At least Jerry Rice can catch the ball. Apparently Koren Robinson is going to be suspended four games for a third violation on the league substance abuse policy which is a bit of a surprise to me because I can't believe he can hold on to a joint long enough to take a hit off the thing.

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17 Oct 2004, 09:37pm by admin

Setting the Pace, Part II

In the first half of his guest column on offensive pace, Jim Armstrong showed that a faster or slower pace seems to have absolutely no connection with winning more games or even scoring more points. In part two, Jim looks at competing theories about how teams should change their pace. Should teams find the pace that works for their offense and stick with it, or should they specifically slow down against stronger opponents?

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13 Oct 2004, 10:35pm by admin

Setting the Pace, Part I

Pace is a popular subject in NBA analysis, but what about the NFL? Are there any strategic elements to setting the pace? Does a so-called "ball control" offense really help when a team is overmatched? Jim Armstrong explores these issues in a two-part guest column. In part one, which were the fastest and slowest teams in 2003, and does a faster or slower pace help a team to win?

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08 Sep 2004, 12:51am by admin

2004 Season Predictions

Every season in the NFL, teams come from nowhere to make the playoffs and other teams collapse just as suddenly. And yet everyone who writes about football makes predictions before the season even though there is almost zero chance of picking the correct Super Bowl teams. Who are we to resist such peer pressure? Each member of the Football Outsiders staff picks 12 playoff teams, a Super Bowl matchup, and a few other surprises for 2004. Oh, and drunken monkeys love Bill Parcells.

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07 Sep 2004, 02:03pm by admin

TMQ: All-Haiku NFL Predictions, Plus the Revenge of the Chicks!

TMQ's All Predictions Wrong or Your Money Back haikus, plus a nice big shoutout to Football Outsiders. Thanks, Gregg!

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07 Sep 2004, 01:16pm by admin

Death to Placekicking

After watching Oregon State blow an opportunity to upset defending champion LSU because of missed extra points, King Kaufman has a suggestion: abolish kickers (although his verb choice was somewhat harsher than 'abolish'). I know the field was underwater, but how do you miss three extra points in one game? (free registration required -- it's the "Free Pass" option)

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06 Sep 2004, 11:01am by admin

MMQB: Gazing into the Crystal Ball

Labor Day, Schmabor Day. Peter King reports for duty and exhibits more cojones than your average preseason prognosticator. Actually, Peter and I agree on a lot of things... We both like Seattle, we're both off the Jaguars bandwagon, and we both get a strange not-so-fresh feeling from the Eagles. Peter's playoff teams are mostly repeats of last season (including the Cowboys, surprise) but he has some interesting AFC 9-7 picks: Steelers, Browns, and Bills. (Yes, I did originally type "MMBQ" by mistake, "Monday Morning Barbeque.")

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